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The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90049
Combo Chimbita are based in New York, but their music draws from an entire universe of styles. While there are elements of cumbia, Caribbean rhythms and reggae on their 2017 album, Abya Yala, the group don’t strictly adhere to the formal limitations of world music. Such tracks as “No Regreso” infuse traditional impulses with wildly psychedelic and electronic flourishes. Much of the band’s music centers on charismatic vocalist Carolina Oliveros, whose fiery exhortations are pumped up by bassist Prince of Queens, inventive drummer Dilemastronauta and guitarist Niño Lento. “Pachanga” is a whirlwind of Prince of Queen’s febrile synth patterns, while “Cachimba” is an artier fusion of circular grooves and Lento’s spidery streaks of guitar. “Congo” is buttressed by Dilemastronauta’s percussive interplay against a spacey dub backdrop. Also at the Echo, Sunday, August 26.


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