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Past Event
$8 - $10

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Bootleg Theater
2200 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90057
“Keeping my senses wanting/Reminding me of a thousand lives and a thousand lifetimes were anything, anything but ordinary,” Sydney Wayser coos as she chases a phantom lover on “The Illusionist,” from Clara-Nova’s new EP, The Iron Age. “You’re a songbird, and you’re singing in a loop/You’re an illusion, illusion, illusion.” The French-American vocalist’s breezy vocals add a similarly charming verve to electronic dance-pop chansons such as “Flora” and “Ashes.” She starts out softly on the invitingly lulling intro to “Echo” before the track switches to a shiny, uptempo dance groove. Producer Shawn Everett manages to preserve Wayser’s innate charm and intelligent presence amid the glossy electronic-pop arrangements. Wayser reportedly plans a full-length release in the fall in which she’ll combine her music with mixed-media collaborations with various photographers.


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