Past Event

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Annenberg Community Beach House
415 Pacific Coast Highway
Santa Monica, CA  90402
On the eve of All Hallow's Eve, the Annenberg Community Beach House artist and writer in residence Catherine Coan invites the taxidermy-curious into a surprising conversation about narrative, symbolism, storytelling, the ethics of working with the remains of our animal friends, and why it is that so many contemporary artists using the genre in exciting, even subversive new ways are women. Coan herself is both a writer and visual artist, and it is precisely the uncanny, literary quality to her sculptures, vignettes and large-scale installations that makes them so unique. Her deft skills and inventive sense of theatrical tableaux combine to place her creatures in unlikely human scenarios, the better to understand them as symbolic stand-ins for anthropomorphic dramas, adventures, myths and memories. Tonight she illuminates this continuum in the context of her classic and recent works.


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