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California African American Museum
600 State Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90037
Can't Stop Won't Stop is a public party featuring music, food trucks and a roster of half a dozen overlapping art shows with staggered start and end dates, converging this fall at the start of the new gallery season and academic year. An operatic, site-specific, text-based work by Gary Simmons called Fade to Black employs his trademark chalkboard-style painting, and is composed of the titles of African-American films across some 440 square feet of lobby walls (through Dec. 31). Nina Chanel Abney's "Royal Flush" (through Jan. 20) surveys a decade of her current event– and pop culture–infused paintings, drawings and collage. New York–based Robert Pruitt's "Devotion" (through Feb. 17) presents a memoir of religiosity through the lens of portrait drawings and evocative audio component. Through March 3, "The Notion of Family" takes a look at African-American history through the intimate, archetypal imagery and iconography of domestic life. And also through early next year, a further pair of historical exhibitions examine the untold story of California's struggle with the issue of slavery in the mid–19th century, and impactfully document Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's 1963 Los Angeles Freedom Rally.


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