Can U.S. Democracy Survive Russian Information Warfare?

It may seem as if half the news coverage you've seen/heard/read for the past few years has been involved the words "Russia" and "elections" — usually with the word "meddling" or "interference" in between. And it's not because of some anti-Trump mainstream media conspiracy but because, spoiler, it's actually happened. The panel at Can U.S. Democracy Survive Russian Information Warfare? will get you caught up and ready for the all-but-inevitable Russian attempt to influence the upcoming midterms. Russia may be a decrepit shadow of the big baddie it was in its Cold War heyday, but former FBI counterintelligence agent Asha Rangappa, Russian Media Monitor founder Julia Davis, media researcher Caroline Orr and moderator Warren Olney will break down how Russia has compensated with information warfare and the corrosive effects it could have on American democracy.


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