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The Satellite
1717 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90026
ModPods lay down a heavy, unpredictable sound that always changes, in part because Mindee Jorgensen and Daniel Guzman frequently alternate on drums, bass and guitar. Their network of aggressive, interlocking post-punk riffs provides a primally throttling foundation for vocalist Myriad Slits’ bold, fearless declamations on the L.A. trio’s 2017 album, No Strut. “A mission/No statement,” Slits announces blankly at the outset of “Imaginary Duet,” which lurches forward to a cracked music box–type melody. ModPods are matched with headliners Broken Baby, another local band who take post-punk ideas in different directions. “My heart attack is a freak show. … You only showed up for the feeding/I’ll always show up for the full-time basket case,” Amber Bollinger raps as Alex Dezen cranks up a funky backing on “Personality Party.”
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