BLiTZSTEiN's Wooden Boards

BLiTZSTEiN's Wooden Boards

Sebastian Vale Basketball Was My Chance To Escape


2018-12-10 04:00:00
Free Attendance

Location Info:

Blitzstein Museum of Art
428 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90036
L.A. Art Exhibit! BLiTZSTEiN’S Wooden Boards Now Through March 23, 2016 ~ BLITZSTEIN MUSEUM OF ART 428 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles 90036 ~ Folksy! Original! Brilliant! Merry! The characters call out to Blitzstein from the grains and knots of natural wood Rather than painting the characters, he paints AROUND them, adding his delightful props and environs to hilight the main features yet allow them to remain untouched as sculpted by the life of the tree. Truly a collaborative method, Blitzstein partners with nature to give life to some of his most memorable and famous characters. Harry and I, Curator Sebastian, invite you into the gallery for a first look at this exhibition, this Saturday night. There’s nothing like it in town! L.A.’s longest-running one-man art gallery! ~ Blitzstein’s Wooden Board Show will be up until we bring in the perfect Easter Show: CRUCIFIXIONS! ~ Our hours are expanding! Now open some afternoons as well as weekend late nights! Select Halloweenies are still on display in the mezzanine. Email about our other events: Film Festivals Open Mic Poetry (DECEMBER 19, 9 pm Music Jams (DECEMBER 12, 9 pm Lots of affordable paintings in the gallery now, as well as a fabulous sale of prints starting at just $10 ~Sebastian Vale Curator Blitzstein Museum of Art Find us on LAWeekly, Yelp, Facebook, Etsy, Ebay, Instagram, YOUTUBE and more!


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