2019-05-25 15:00:00
3:00 p.m. every Sat.
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Timothy Maher
10715 Missouri Ave Apt 305
Los Angeles, CA  90025
There’s A New Bar Crawl In Town, And It’s Educational FOR RELEASE March 8, 2017. CONTACT: Tim Maher, Bar Line Tours Founder. PHONE: 760-717-9209. EMAIL: Los Angeles, March 8, 2017 || Exploring the artisanal food and beverage scene in Los Angeles has long been one of the city’s premier pastimes. However, getting across town in a cheap and timely fashion has remained a challenge until the recent expansion of the Metro system. Enter Bar Line Tours. The Los Angeles based tourism service is currently offering guided beverage and food tasting tours on the Expo and Gold lines, and will expand to feature some of the most eclectic neighborhood bars in the city, all by way of the Los Angeles Metro. “The idea was to show patrons the under-the-radar parts of the city, and the energy they contribute to the whole of Los Angeles. While expanding their palates at the same time,” said founder and lead tour guide Tim Maher. “You can really get a feel for the vibe of the neighborhood by seeing what their bars specialize in.” Tours can be reserved at and will take place on the Expo, Gold, Purple, and Red lines, with stops at several bars and restaurants within walking distance of the respective metro lines. However, the name of the game isn’t speed drinking, it’s working out everyone’s tasting muscles. “Now more than ever, people care about what they are eating and drinking,” says Maher, who has an Environmental Science and Anthropology background, and has spent time bartending at the renowned Father’s Office. “As artisans experiment with new recipes, people get even more adventurous and curious about what they want to eat and drink next.” END


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