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Laser Kitten
7600 Melrose Ave Unit K
Los Angeles, CA  90046
"Astrokitty Space World" is a new collection of art by Kellesimone Waits. It's being exhibited at West Hollywood's Laser Kitten, which is largely a coincidence, although there are, in fact, lasers in many of Waits' paintings and found-image works. As well as cats, bunnies, rainbows and a cast of sexy, edgy female-model versions of "sex kittens." Waits' special gift is for a fusion of mixed mediums that includes appropriated photographs and eye-popping, brightly colored and textured abstract motifs that suggest light beams and a kind of disco-futurism. The works are cheeky, provocative and adorable, and below their sassy surfaces is a deeper level in which tropes of beauty, silliness, pop art and agency tussle to take the lead.
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