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Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd.
Westwood, CA  90024
People sometimes forget that the very early punk-rock shows were much more diverse — both musically and racially — than the mostly male, white hardcore scene that followed in the early 1980s. Director James Spooner's 2004 documentary, Afro-Punk, points out that African-Americans were a major force in punk rock, even if they were often left out of the mostly white-centric histories of the era. While Spooner's documentary is by no means definitive and leaves out the crucial contributions of influential black punk rockers in L.A., for instance, it nonetheless highlights the startling impact of bands such as Bad Brains, who were faster, harder and more musically dexterous than their white rivals. Spooner, writer Tisa Bryant and the incisive critic Ernest Hardy discuss the film after a free screening.


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