African-American Punk Rock Quilts


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Gallery 30 South
30 S. Wilson Ave.
Pasadena, CA  91106
Pillar of the 1980s punk music scene in L.A., frontwoman for The Bags, music video artist, infamous Wilton Hotel resident, Wacko shop manager and ... dedicated quilter? Leave it to Lydia Breckenridge to find a way to make cozy crafting radical. Her "African-American Punk Rock Quilts" recall, depict and chronicle the iconic bands and some of her zanier personal memories of that era, combining font logos, folksy pictorial motifs and imagery, and vintage photographs into intricate patterns, textures and collage-like stories. While her content may be a trip down the memory lane of her Hollywood youth, the affinity for quilting as an art form represents a deeper exploration of identity, referring to the African-American tradition of quilting as both an homage to ancestral craft traditions and a post-diaspora cultural melding — an idiom perfectly suited to the literal piecework of the quilting process.
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