We live in a fast-paced society that’s constantly changing. Over the past few years, I always seem to feel on edge and stressed out during the workday. I was curious to find out if there was a natural supplement to help calm me down reduce my stress, so I started doing some googling and eventually founds CBD oil.

Before I was recommended Essential CBD, I tried quite a few CBD brands over the last few years, and let me tell you, they all pretty much taste the same. Earthy, gross, and hard to swallow. Kind of like the raw beets that you were probably force-fed as a child. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about a mouth full of beets, but it’s not the way I prefer my CBD Oil to taste!

To make things worse, I nearly had to break the bank to afford to take CBD every day! I wanted the health benefits of taking CBD daily but I just wasn’t able to afford the cost of “mainstream” CBD brands. This was my overall experience with CBD tinctures until I was introduced to Essential CBD.

They offer seven fantastic fruity flavors that don’t taste like dirt and at nearly half the price I was paying for the other CBD brands. They use high-quality, organic ingredients that I feel comfortable putting into my body. The Essential CBD 1000mg Strawberry Lemonade tincture was the first tincture I tried and was without a doubt the best tasting CBD oil I’ve ever had. At $49.99 for a 1000mg tincture, I finally found CBD oil that was affordable and effective.

By taking Essential CBD daily, I was able to stay relaxed on my way to work and felt much calmer throughout the day. I even noticed I was getting better sleep at night which made me a nicer and happier person to be around.

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Essential CBD Capsules

On my second order with Essential CBD, I wanted to try the Essential CBD 25mg Daily capsules (along with my Strawberry Lemonade tincture of course). The capsules are vegan, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients. They are also infused with plant-based terpenes, which (I later learned) provide for a nice and healthy synergistic boost to the effect of the CBD oil. The capsules are really easy to dose because each capsule is the exact same, as opposed to tinctures where you have to measure out the liquid each time.

I took two 25mg capsules every morning with a pleasing effect. The capsules actually reduced the knee pain and swelling that I struggled with for years from an old work-related injury. At the price of $30.79 a bottle after my (30%!) discount, I’ve never had such a high quality, effective, and affordable CBD product.

Use promo code “laweekly” to save 20% on your first order.

Fauna CBD Pet Drops

I’ve got two pups at home, one’s actually a puppy while the other is starting to age. I’ve been giving my older dog Fauna CBD pet drops by adding them to her food for a little while now and I have to admit, watching her be able to comfortably move up and down the stairs brought me to tears. I would do anything to help my dogs live a happy and healthy life. With a base of organic coconut-derived MCT oil for increased palatability, organic high linoleic acid safflower oil for increased CBD bioavailability, organic hemp seed oil for phytonutrients, and no artificial ingredients, your dogs are sure to love Fauna CBD Pet Drops just as much as mine do!

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