Esports Fans Want to Know: Is Team New Age the Next Faze Clan?

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The rise of Esports in the last decade has been one of the most dramatic shifts in video game culture. Today, VentureBeat reports there are over 230 million active gamers, and every day, a new company capitalizes on this booming industry. In 2020, the gaming organization Team New Age was founded by Esports enthusiast and player Aaron Kirshenberg, who wanted to create a brand with a few twists that would differentiate it from other organizations. Inspired by Faze Clan, one of the most popular Esports organizations in North America, Team New Age has begun to make its mark on the competitive gaming scene.

With its sights set on making a name for itself, Team New Age looks to be one of the next big things in Esports with an organization model like no other. In less than two years, the brand has gained millions of collective followers and multiple sponsors and won more Fortnite Championships in North America than any other organization. Also, the team recently secured a partnership with world-renowned soccer club Paris Saint Germain (PSG). These, and more achievements, firmly establish Team New Age as one of the fastest-growing Esports organizations in North America, a position Kirshenberg and his team hope to uphold for many more years.

Unlike most organizations in this industry, Team New Age does not have a massive budget and has been mostly self-funded. As the founder and CEO, Kirshenberg knew he had to be unique from the beginning if he wanted to remain relevant in the industry. This strategy involved everything from player selection to collaborations and partnerships. “We have had to carefully select pro players and content creators who fit our vision and mold,” reports Kirsh. “We look for strong personalities and pros/creators with a lot of potential.”

Additionally, Kirsh is a hardworking person who doesn’t take no for an answer. He admits he failed multiple times before the company got off the ground but never allowed that to derail his vision. To realize his dream, Kirsh hired trusted industry professionals to operate a lean business that is also booming. With the right team and structures in place, it wasn’t long before it achieved success. Kirsh and his team have maintained a track record of winning, which explains how they’ve grown their numbers that fast and secured the partnership with PSG.

An avid gamer, Kirsh believes the industry is vast enough for everyone to branch out and find success doing their own thing. “The Esports space is fragmented and has room for multiple players,” he says. The key is finding what you are passionate about and doing it better than other people. From experience, Kirsh says you will feel like you aren’t working and will thus be able to turn your passion into a living. Even then, he admits there will be challenges along the way, but taking risks will always be worth it in the end.

As the Esports industry continues to grow, Kirsh and his team hope to stay on top of fresh developments and remain different from other brands in this space. His goal is to make Team New Age a household name renowned for exciting spectators in the gaming and lifestyle space. He’s also expanding his ventures to the NFT and Web3 industry.

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