Ernesto Javier Font Puts Faith and Patience At The Core Of His Character

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If you want to be successful, you need to step out in faith, but have the patience to see it through. People will say they have faith in themselves or an end result, but they won’t practice the patience that’s required to see something through. Ernesto Javier Font grew up in a broken home, seeing his mother work three jobs as she struggled to provide for the family. Watching his family struggle, Javi became fueled to build the successful life he has today.

The inspiration to get into real estate came from Javi’s father. Never wanting to work for anyone but himself, he was intrigued by the limitless earnings potential and the lifestyle the industry offered. Javi helps people buy and sell real estate, as well as training and mentoring other agents. “Look for a mentor that has the success you want in the industry you are going into and do whatever it takes to work with them or have them mentor you! You can also intern or shadow top producers in the type of business you want to start prior to starting it. Understand that the results you want take time,” says Ernesto Javier Font.

Javi has taken massive action to get where he is today: from unemployed to millions in only 5 years. Once he decided enough was enough, he went to work removing bad habits and attitudes while holding himself accountable for the success of his business. Desperation has a way of forcing you to tap into a version of yourself that you may not know existed. A better version that wants all the blessings life has to offer.

Javi is an entrepreneur at heart, always keeping his eyes open to new opportunities. Not only does he work with buyers and sellers, but Javi manages a wholesale portfolio of house flipping and rental properties. He’s helped hundreds of buyers, sellers, renters, and investors secure or sell property in Central FL, and he’s flipped hundreds of wholesale investment properties. Javi is also the Founder and CEO of After Hours Success, LLC, an educational company that mentors students on personal development, how to find success in real estate, wholesaling and flipping, and how to become a landlord. Through this program, Javi has mentored hundreds of students, seeing their real estate journey take flight.

After his parents separated, Javi’s world fell apart. He grew up falling into unhealthy relationships and got involved in gambling and selling drugs. But Javi’s dad never gave up on him. When he was 23, he moved to Florida to be near his father. With his unemployment running out, Javi took a job at Disney, where he felt like a slave. At the same time in his life, his long-term girlfriend cheated on him. When she left him, she told him he would become nothing more than a lowlife. This was a turning point for Javi. “I committed to working on my mindset through personal development. I started hanging around the people I wanted to become (mentors). I accepted God as my Lord & Savior,” says Ernesto Javier Font.

Javi’s life is marked by the lives he changes. He came to Florida with a clear “why” of finding a way to help his mom, grandma, and brother. His heart needed to be broken in order for it to be changed. Through his success, Javi has had the privilege of buying his mom a house and inspiring his brother to transition from the corporate world to real estate. Now, he is passionate about helping kids—especially those who come from broken homes and live in low-income neighborhoods. Javi wants to inspire kids to become the best versions of themselves while guiding them to accept God as their Lord and Savior. “Empowering the youth to make the right choices in life is where my heart is at,” says Ernesto Javier Font.

To learn more about Javi and to follow him on his journey find him on Instagram, @javierinspiredme

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