Eric Spofford Offers Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs Through Spofford Enterprises

While Eric Spofford is the perfect example of an amazing and unbelievable comeback story, he is also a highly successful entrepreneur and investor in his own right. As a former drug addict, Eric founded one of the biggest addiction treatment businesses on the East Coast, Granite Recovery Centers. This success drove Eric Spofford to embark on even more entrepreneurial endeavors. That said, he has never lost sight of his mission to help others who (like him) had hit rock bottom and wanted to get more out of life.

Today, Eric Spofford manages multiple businesses, including his largest undertaking thus far, Spofford Enterprises. While his recovery center is dedicated to helping those with addiction, Spofford Enterprises has a mission to provide funding and advice to startups and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the company manages venture capital investments, real estate development, and asset-based lending. In short, Spofford Enterprises is a one-stop-shop for businesses in need of rapid growth.

When Eric is not managing his multi-million dollar business empire, he is doing everything in his power to offer useful, actionable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Why should entrepreneurs trust Eric Spofford? First and foremost, because he has seen it all. He has experienced the pain and misery of addiction, as well as the restorative power of huge success in the world of business. Moreover, he literally built his companies from the ground up. He went from a kid with absolutely no prospects to one of the most successful CEOs in his industry. In a sense, Eric Spofford is one of the greatest success stories of the 21st Century.

Fortunately, people don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get some useful advice from Eric Spofford. He is more than happy to provide insight to those looking to start and grow their own businesses. So, let’s take a look at a few tips for aspiring entrepreneurs offered by the one and only Eric Spofford!

Every Failure Is a Lesson in Disguise

Eric Spofford is no stranger to failure. Addiction robbed Eric of 7 years of his life, but he didn’t let that hold him back. Instead, he worked even harder to overcome the obstacles that life had put in his way. Drug addiction forced Eric to drop out of high school, which made it even harder to be taken seriously in the business world.

Rather than giving up hope, Eric Spofford recognized that these barriers were all in his head. If he believed that he was “lesser than” for being a former addict and a high school dropout, then everyone else would think the same. So, he used this experience as a way to form the foundation and origin story of his businesses. This allowed him to start an addiction treatment center and eventually branch out into even larger endeavors. Thus, many failures led Eric Spofford to even more successes.

Take Advantage of Unique Qualities

Eric Spofford is nothing if not unique. There are few highly successful CEOs who have had the kind of life experiences that Eric Spofford can boast. And these unique qualities are exactly what has helped propel Eric to new and exciting heights.

However, an entrepreneur doesn’t have to have an amazing comeback story like Eric to succeed. They just need to recognize that they are a unique individual with qualities and abilities that no other human being possesses. Even if they think their unique abilities are not marketable, they are wrong. Anyone can figure out a way to use them to their advantage as an entrepreneur and build a story that is totally unique to them (and their business).

Build It and They Will Come

This may be a famous quote from Field of Dreams, but it is also sound business advice. Many entrepreneurs lose hope at the onset and fail to even start a business. Why? Because they are afraid to fail. Ironically, their fear is exactly what causes them to experience failure.

This is why it is so important to take the leap of faith and build a business. If someone builds it and works at it every day, customers, vendors, partners, and investors will come. This is not to say that the path will be straightforward or easy, but if a person never has the courage to actually build a business in the first place, they will never know their true potential as an entrepreneur.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Entrepreneurship can feel like a very lonely road. After all, regardless of the industry, most other people and businesses can feel like the competition. As a result, most entrepreneurs don’t ask for help and don’t get the guidance and advice they so desperately need.

Eric Spofford tried to approach addiction recovery on his own and it made the entire process ten times harder. Once he reached out for a helping hand, that’s when he was able to find his footing. The same applies in the realm of business. There are so many people out there with the knowledge, experience, and willingness to help out. All people have to do is ask!

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