In the 21st century, nearly every aspect of our lives relies upon technology. As technology evolves, so does society and the way we function throughout our daily lives. Finding a way to improve upon and manipulate already existing technology, or creating a brand-new technology, often leads directly to an improvement in the way of life for people all over the world.

At the forefront of groundbreaking technology is “smart home automation,” which is making everyday life for elders, people with disabilities, people who live alone, and many others safer. Leading the charge in the development of smart home automation is the New Jersey-based Epic Systems, a full-service electronics design and integration company. Throughout East New Jersey, Epic Systems is helping reinvent and simplify everyday life with technology like voice-activated lights and full home audio systems.

“It’s time that we all enjoy 21st century style living, given the technology we have at our fingertips today,” Epic Systems founder Joseph Caravella says. Caravella and Epic Systems offer a variety of home technology services, including security systems, home theater installation, and climate control, among others. One of the most in-demand services Epic Systems offers is the installation of voice control for appliances, televisions, and lights. This service allows for the turning off and on of these items with only the customer’s voice, allowing for a safer, more easygoing living environment, especially for those with mobility problems.

“We can run wires to support the latest technology, while installing speakers, switches, and other tech hubs that make it easy to enjoy the benefits of technology in any setting,” Caravella remarks.

All of the life-changing technology Epic Systems is able to provide customers is due to their Josh.ai certificate, which is an accreditation that grants them the ability to install voice-activated smart home devices. With this certification, Epic Systems is able to guarantee their customers a greater level of privacy and protection of personal information that their non-certified competitors cannot.

Originally founded as a security system installation company, Epic Systems has embraced technological evolution and now offers their customers a wide array of smart home automation opportunities. “I have seen how much technology can improve our lives, and I want as many people as possible to know about it,” concluded Caravella. Epic Systems’ talented team of designers, engineers, and installers help enrich the lives of everyone with home improvement at a time.

For more information, visit: https://epicsystems.tech/ or follow Epic Systems on Instagram @epichometheater

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