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The environmental impact of the cannabis industry is something that is usually glossed over. As natural as the product may appear to be to the end-user, the cultivation process for much of the cannabis available today involves unsustainable farming processes that are negatively impacting affecting the environment. Boutique cannabis company Cannabiotix is aware of this issue and has committed to being as environmentally conscious as it can be.

Founded in 2014 by expert cultivators Neema Samari and J.B., Cannabiotix (also known as CBX), has been consistent with its focus on providing the highest quality cannabis flower possible to its customers. This team of environmentally conscious growers was taught from a young age the importance of taking care of the planet. They understand that it is both their duty and responsibility to be as sustainable as possible when cultivating cannabis. This includes not being wasteful with energy or water usage, while producing minimal waste.

Every indoor cultivation facility that CBX operates adheres to the sustainability principles the company is founded upon. When it comes to energy use, they program the light cycle so that the highest electrical loads occur during off-peak hours. In regards to water use, Cannabiotix gets approximately 2/3 of the water it uses to water plants directly from the atmosphere.

Water recycling is something the team behind this company has been doing since its underground days. Back then, it was a necessity to keep utility bills low so that there wouldn’t be any eyebrows raised by authorities. Fast-forward to today, and CBX utilizes an advanced reclaimed water filtration system that produces an impressive 9,500 gallons on a daily basis. Thanks to capturing condensated water from dehumidifiers and air conditioners, Cannabiotix is able to minimize how much municipal water it uses.

Cutting corners is not something this company does. Their dedication to running a business with a low impact on the environment guides their decisions. Today, it has a quality control team that understands the importance of optimal storage conditions from the moment flower gets harvest to the point when a customer receives their product. All of their products get vacuum sealed right after they get tested. This ensures their customers receive the freshest buds possible.

After being in the cannabis industry for 20 years, this team has picked up a thing or two about how to guarantee maximum freshness. Countless hours of research and development have resulted in a highly optimized cultivation and production process of their crop. With cannabis buds shimmering like crystals due to the high trichome content, it’s safe to say that Cannabiotix has premium cannabis products surpassing most of their competition.

Breeding and growing their own exclusive in-house strains has resulted in a dedicated fanbase that comes to CBX to receive the one-of-a-kind buds stemming from its crop. With full control over the entire production process, Cannabiotix can ensure its high standards are met for every harvest.

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