Entrepreneur Will Basta Leverages His Tech and E-Commerce Experiences to Help His Clients

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Will Basta, the co-founder and CRO of Ascend Ecom, has been working relentlessly with his team of highly competent e-commerce experts to help their clients with their investments. Will and his team build and scale a profitable, passive income e-commerce mechanism by driving business on Amazon and Walmart that will start to generate an income in less than three months.

Ascend Ecom is a combined logistics company, an e-commerce investment management company, and wholesale distributor. With two main offices and two warehouse facilities  in Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas, it is well known in the industry as a powerful avenue where people can tap into the 5 Trillion dollar e-commerce market.

Interestingly, Will’s main selling point is that within a 24 to 36-month period, his company will be able to guarantee that its clients can expect to own a long-term and highly sustainable e-commerce business with a valuation of three to ten times their annual net earnings.

“When people diversify their portfolio, they incorporate a wide array of various asset types into their portfolio. It can help lower their portfolio’s risk so that one asset or asset class’s performance doesn’t affect their entire portfolio. That’s where Ascend Ecom comes into the picture,” he added.

At present, Ascend has more than 400 e-commerce professionals, many of whom have more than ten years of work experience in logistics, operations, and tech, making the company a solid organization to do business with. Overall, Will and his team have successfully generated a whopping $75 million in revenue for all of their clients. He uses a hybrid distribution model that is tested and proven to do wonders for more than 500 of their clients. The Ascend team is so confident and comfortable enough to be able to promise a return of investment on the given date. If they fail, Ascend is willing to buy back the business from the client.

“In a highly competitive industry, we want to lead with transparency, innovation and sustainability. We exclusively run a hybrid business model for sourcing products and have two Ascend warehouse facilities, we do not outsource any part of our business,” Will explained.

Through his unique business model and methods, Will and his team can help their clients own an Amazon FBA asset that is long-term and highly competitive. They can also do the same for Walmart WFS. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes that Walmart WFS is the investment opportunity of the decade, with  a $14 billion marketplace initiative with less than 200,000 active sellers.

The basic process begins when the client supplies the capital. When Ascend makes the transaction, it will start to supply products, and logistics, while developing the online stores of clients. All the products will emanate from either Amazon or Walmart and will be sent directly and exclusively to the distribution centers.

“Persevering through the ups and downs with a positive outlook and always building strong business relationships on the way,” added the co-founder.

With Will supervising the development process and how his team maintains the profitability of an e-commerce business, Ascend Ecom’s operations are sure to set off towards an upward trajectory and will further the brand as one of the leading names in the industry.

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