Entrepreneur Mariia Syrotiuk Comes Up With Her Lingerie Brand

Ukraine-born Mariia Syrotiuk has grabbed attention as a successful entrepreneur in America with her dedication and determination. She started earning at the tender age of 16 but came to America at 20 years of age with the dream of becoming a renowned businesswoman. She learned everything that could make her dream come true.

Mariia started buying and selling high-quality accessories, while later on, she launched her own Amazon brand of men’s accessories. After it got banned, she moved to America and started working in a local watch company. Along with this, she joined English classes to enhance her communication skills and learn proficient English.

With the determination to become an entrepreneur, she watched motivational videos and read self-help books. She started her marketing agency and worked on launching her lingerie brand.

Mariia Syrotiuk knew her targeted customers and wanted them to feel special and valued through her products and services. She and her team used their expertise to make such designer lingerie that could bring a “wow” moment for the customers. After launching her first lingerie collection, Mariia set up her own manufactory. It was not only her duty but her passion to keep her team motivated and grow simultaneously. She aimed to create a cordial work environment where ideas can be discussed, and opinions are welcomed along with getting more productivity.

After setting up the manufactory, her next mission is to bring in different facilities and expand her business all over the world. Mariia Syrotiuk believes that she should showcase whatever she has gained to inspire upcoming generations and prove that any dream can come true. You can check her Instagram handles @bymeriel, @lingeriebymeriel, @merielapparel.




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