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Entrepreneur Fred Cary has had a stellar career thus far. He has created extremely successful companies from scratch and led billion-dollar businesses to new heights. He credits his curiosity and relentless work ethic as the reason for his achievements thus far. The best advice, though, can always be given with the help of hindsight.

Reflecting on all that he has been through, Cary has some advice for his younger self and anyone who is trying to make it in today’s dynamic world of entrepreneurship. “If I had to think of one piece of advice to tell my younger self, it would be to think about the future because it will arrive well before you know it,” Cary says, illustrating the power of time and the way in which it can sneak up on any entrepreneur. “While we’re busy zeroing in on our work, time flies. So make sure that you know exactly what it is that you want to achieve and have a plan to get there,” he adds.

Cary has worked on hundreds of projects throughout his career. He has always gravitated toward those that have felt fulfilling. “In whatever I do, I try to find a way to change lives. I love making a difference. So the industry doesn’t matter as much as the impact, really. I love projects that can be considered ‘everlasting,’” he explains.

One tool that certainly helps Cary and other brilliant entrepreneurs impact lives is social media. Through its potent reach, platforms like Facebook and Instagram can spread the word about his business to millions of people. “Social media has already started impacting my business. We’re not talking about five or ten years from now. That process has already begun,” he says, adding, “You get great exposure through the online space. You can hold conferences, motivate people, share insight. And so many of them will judge you and your business based on this online presence. We do a half-hour live on Facebook every week that essentially serves as a ‘Fred Cary operating manual,’ we call it. I share every important detail that people have to know week after week.”  and,  on Instagram,  people tune in by the hundreds of thousands. That presence serves out daily motivational advice to followers located all over the world.

Throygh both key social media platforms, people turn up and ask the questions and get advice about things that have been on their minds but they’ve never had the chance to submit to this legendary entrepreneur. Through his consistent Facebook and Instagram events, Cary shares his expertise and shows dedication to his followers, which is a surefire way to build trust and a community.

While social media was not a tool at the disposal of Fred Cary in his younger years, if he had to give advice to his younger self today with the resources available, that would be to use his online presence wisely and to create the image he wants to share with the world through his various social channels. Cary enjoys great popularity on social media, where he is followed by hundreds of thousands of people who come to his channel seeking inspiration and advice.

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