Entrepreneur Charles Fernandez is Leading a New Team in Global Satellite Technology

Charles M. Fernandez is the ultimate entrepreneur: after three decades of success, he’s more than ready to lead Orbsat, afirm that specializes in satellite-connected communications and IoT that satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the twenty-first century global market.

Six months ago, Charles M. Fernandez took on a new role as Executive Chairman and CEO of Orbsat, a company in which he is the largest shareholder. Their U.S. and European based subsidiaries, Orbital Satcom and Global TelesatCommunications, have already served more than 50,000 customers located in 165+ countries worldwide. No other company understands the nuances of the satellite technology terrain better than Orbsat, including its network of ground stations whichcan be used for future digital asset connectivity. With Mr. Fernandez now leading the way, there are virtually no limits on what they can accomplish moving forward.

At 59, Charles M. Fernandez has experienced it all as an entrepreneur, CEO, and Chairman of many major companies including eApeiron Solutions, Kempstar, and IVAX, to name just a few. No matter what role he plays, or which positions he formally holds, he is clearly the real deal: those who’ve collaborated with him know that he is a force to be reckoned with, a consummate transactional specialist. Bruce Berkowitz, founder and co-manager with Mr. Fernandez of the Fairholme Fund,stated in a 2010 interview with a CNN Money reporter that the firm’s $1.4 billion return on its investment in General Growth Properties would not have been possible without Charles M. Fernandez. That same year, in a notable Fortune Magazine article, The Megamind of Miami, he was dubbed a “Restructuring Whiz.”

Charles M. Fernandez epitomizes the interdisciplinary qualities of a chief executive, and has proven time and again his negotiating skills in identifying profitable start-up and dislocation opportunities. Bringing his three decades of leadershipexperience in Business, Finance, Technology and E-Commerce to Orbsat’s expanded Board of Directors, he’s already had a positive impact on how they conduct their business.

With his incontrovertible status as a seasoned restructuring expert, Charles M. Fernandez has developed a massive networkof industry specialists with wide-ranging business, legal, government and academic know-how that will support the expansion of Orbsat to make the most of the substantial opportunities being shaped by global investments in new and upgraded satellite networks. Orbsat currently serves a wide array of sectors that include government, commercial, and the military, as well as individual consumers. Mr. Fernandez fully intends to take the firm to new levels, by leveraging next- generation satellite technology and digitals assets in expanded territories worldwide.

He’s stated his belief that Orbsat is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing global importance of satellite-basedconnectivity which is reshaping how individuals, enterprises, and governments around the world connect to everything that isimportant.

Interestingly, Orbsat generates approximately 70% of its revenues globally from e-Commerce channels, and is proficient in maximizing those opportunities. The combination of Orbsat’s e-Commerce success and Mr. Fernandez’ strong experience with e-Commerce and IoT resulted in a strategic decision that was announced in August 2021. Mr. Fernandez explains further: “We are committed to transition the Company to a next-generation e-Commerce platform company, with revenue opportunities across various high-growth sectors of the e-Commerce space, including tangible and digital assets. In this regard, the Company will be re-branded as NextPlat Corp., which reflects the intent to add new business lines through acquisitions, joint venturing or other partnering opportunities. Orbsat will of course remain in our group.”

Drawing upon his extensive network in related markets such as e-commerce and IoT, Charles M. Fernandez is confident inthe huge opportunities that lay ahead, and he looks forward to leading the Company during this exciting time.

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