Entrepreneur and Paramedic, Andy Hall, Finds Safer Alternative to Narcotics

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Prolonged use of pain-relief medicines does more harm than good. Some health conditions demand long-term use of painkillers which eventually leads to an increased rate of drug addiction among patients. The other alternative to pain-relieving medicine is cannabis; on the flip side, its use is federally illegal and is yet to gain acceptance among the masses. While this gap continues to linger in the health sector, Paramedic turned-entrepreneur Andy Hall remains keen on closing this gap. He launched an online store named “The Delta 8 Shop” that sells Delta 8, a reported legal pain reliever for people who desire to stay away from narcotics.

It all began when Andy Hall started his career as a paramedic in 2009. Quite expected of the nature of his job, he has experienced even the very worst of conditions; however, pain management remains top of the chart. People continue to fall victim to painkillers or narcotics to ease pain and improve sleep disorders. Andy has had a fair share of similar struggles. Andy was injured severely at the job, which left him with an aching back. At the early stage, Andy took painkillers to ease the chronic back pain and soon realized the helpless situation of the patients.

During his career spanning over a decade, Andy had first-hand contact with many people suffering from an overdose of narcotics. Some even revealed that it all started as a pain reliever and unintentionally became an addiction. This spurred Andy’s search for a safer, legal, yet potent pain reliever, one without the risk of addiction, unlike cannabis. He came to know about Delta 8, a plant-based psychoactive chemical compound. Consequently, Andy began experiencing tremendous positive changes in his health condition upon administration of Delta 8. Previous struggles with knee pain and chronic back pain were significantly reduced. This was the tipping point and, of course, the breakthrough Andy had always looked forward to.

Andy opened an online store, “The Delta 8 Shop,” to help people across the country get the best alternative to narcotics and other addictive painkillers. Andy single-handedly spearheaded the operational activities of running the online business, from sourcing the best quality products to offering prompt customer service. His hard work earned “The Delta 8 Shop” an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google based on genuine customer reviews. This is commendable, considering Andy’s business is comparatively new in this industry. Andy sells a range of Delta 8 products to relieve pain and improve sleep. The collection at Delta 8 store includes Gummies, Tinctures, Sleeping tea, and more.

Since launching Delta 8 Shop, Andy has always prioritized the quality of the products and fast delivery services to earn positive customer feedback. However, the journey has not been a smooth one for Andy. Despite being federally legal, Delta 8 advertisements are often red-flagged by well-known internet search engines and browsers. Andy overcomes this challenge by being consistently creative with his business ads that convey the right message to the right consumers without being red-tapped.

Andy aspires to make The Delta 8 Shop the most preferred destination for people across the U.S seeking a legal and safer alternative to narcotics to relieve pain. Although currently faced with limited funding; nevertheless, Andy wants to see The Delta 8 Shop compete favorably with the top brands in this industry in the coming years.

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