Entertainment Industry leader Navroz Prasla given ‘2022 Lifetime Achievement Award’ By Biden administration

The United States Presidential Administration of Joe Biden has recognized the work and dedication of Navroz Prasla to his surrounding communities by awarding him the “Lifetime Achievement Award 2022” to him on behalf of the presidential administration.

 Mr. Prasla expressed gratitude on Instagram by giving thanks and saying: “Thank you to all the friends and family that were able to come and cheer me on! Congratulations to everyone that received recognition for their service!”

Navroz Prasla is a producer and an entertainment industry entrepreneur known for his involvement in broadcast media and film. He is known for producing films such as Kshitij: A Horizon, Late night vibes with Shabbir, and Ishq Bheegaye Naina (Music Video). Navroz Prasla is currently developing some untitled films and an entertainment application called “HeroGoTV.” Prasla also serves as the producer for A Star TV, NTV Houston, and Media Films Craft.

Future Plans For Prasla?

When we asked Navroz Prasla about future aspirations, he said:

“Aspirations change, but the vision should be constant, work hard but also smart, and plan big and long term but keep on achieving short-term goals to make your own staircase which helps to move towards becoming a synonymous brand and the success will follow eventually. Tomorrow is another day to win, you can eat your cake and have it too if you are smart, follow the shows of those who face the sun.”

A correspondent on Prasla’s media team also told us that Mr. Prasla is currently in talks with a Disney Channel actor about appearing in one of his upcoming films. Navroz Prasla is an excellent example of someone who has worked hard and achieved much success. While many people dedicate themselves, Navroz Prasla has earned such an outstanding level of success against the odds, that the presidential administration awarded him for it! Mr. Prasla is a shining example of someone who has worked honestly with focused effort to achieve amazing things.

If you would like to keep up with Navroz Prasla, be sure to follow him on Instagram @Navrozprasla and like his Facebook page, or visit his website navrozprasla.com

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