Various US states and Canadian provinces authorized stay-at-home orders and limited the chances of operating businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But for JetFuel, the business has picked up as cannabis products are in high demand. Enas Barkho, the CEO of JetFuel seized the opportunity during the lockdown and doubled down on efforts to take the cannabis industry by storm with a solid marketing strategy.

Cannabis sales soared by 50% as more people in the US and Canada tried cannabis during their time under lockdown. Flowhub, the cannabis point of sale and data platform shows that the sales of recreational cannabis in US markets increased by 67% in 2020.

Enas Barkho knew that he would play an important role in the increased acceptance of the use of cannabis. He anticipated that cannabis would become more recreational one day and continued to pursue his goal of being an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. He started JetFuel to make it easier for people to get the highest quality cannabis for recreational purposes.

Enas used his creativity by actively maintaining strong relationships with people while managing a successful cannabis brand. JetFuel has a significant presence on Instagram with over 6K followers and is continuing to attract more followers every day.

JetFuel was born out of a love for higher things in life. With a passion for the small-batch growing of cannabis, the brand makes it possible for people to enjoy high-quality cannabis. Customers loved the quality of products offered by JetFuel and the brand soon became popular among cannabis lovers.

JetFuel cannabis products are sold in several dispensaries across California. Customers can use the hashtag #JetFuelOG to show their love for JetFuel products.

Cannabis selling was licensed first in 2018 in California. That year, recreational marijuana sales were around $2.5 billion. As California has a strict process of licensing and strict guidelines for packaging and using the products, it was hard for cannabis companies to do business. JetFuel has been one of the very few companies that have passed regulations to provide high-quality cannabis to its customers. California is the hotspot for hip-hop and marijuana and Enas has made sure to build a cannabis brand that appeals to the young at heart and art lovers.

Enas Barkho is also the founder of the talent management company, Face Card. It has successfully managed artists and brought in new talents in the creative industry for 15 years. Enas and his creative team have managed popular artists like Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, and Xzibit. Their platform and user base are rapidly expanding and they are focusing on the West Coast Hip Hop genre which is rising in popularity in the Hip Hop and R&B music industry.

Enas and his focus on building JetFuel to become one of the best cannabis brands is paying off as more and more customers are starting to recognize the high-quality cannabis products offered by the brand. The company is growing rapidly and plans to expand its product line in the future.

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