Emerging as one of the most sought-after business personalities, make way for Saeed Jacob, aka Sah.

LA Weekly

*Sah’s impeccable business skills, combined with his love for real estate, have turned his company Jacob Consulting Group (JCG), into a massive success.*

To have the vision to attain incredible goals in one’s journey is one thing, but to ensure to walk on unconventional paths, make bold decisions and take the necessary risks while trying to continuously innovate in their journeys to turn those visions into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether. To become a part of the latter category, people may need to put in sleepless nights and work with a relentless passion and drive to pave their own path to success in their chosen sectors. Doing that and much more in the deep ocean called entrepreneurship is a self-made man named Saeed Jacob, aka Sah.

Saeed Jacob, over the years, understood how essential it was for people to not rely on others and ensure to put in enough effort to create their own path to success and growth in their careers and lives. He did the same, but that also made him face several challenges on his path. These challenges tested his patience to the core, but did he ever give up? Never. Saeed Jacob instead made the most of those tough times and created newer opportunities for him to keep walking his path, no matter what. This positive approach and astuteness in making necessary decisions helped him enter the business space and take over the real estate space as a true-blue professional, investor, and entrepreneur with Jacob Consulting Group (JCG), which he has been running successfully since 2018.

In such a few short years, Sah has proved his excellence in the entrepreneurial world and has taken real estate to never seen before success and growth levels.

The Brooklyn, New York-born talent had started his journey in entrepreneurship at only 17 years when he began by fixing broken cell phones, but his visionary ideas and his growing passion for doing more in entrepreneurship led him to expand his business portfolio from a range of partnerships in tech, real estate, and luxury car rentals.

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