Emerging as a hero in fashion and entrepreneurship is Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun.

He wrote the book “Return back to self-love” recently and has authored the 47th Dynasty Kemetic Spiritual books collection.

To rise high in any industry today will require individuals to challenge themselves, hustle every day and break the moulds. These qualities, consistent efforts, and hard work will help individuals to gain the success and growth they seek as professionals and experts of their fields. Making it in the entrepreneurial space, especially in niches like fashion, is something only the rarest of highly driven professionals have done, but Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun, quite effortlessly makes a place for himself in the same. He is the one who has always astonished people with his skills and tenacity in fashion, and that is how he has gained much appreciation and recognition from people in and outside the industry.

He is the man of many talents and owns “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty,” his much-talked-about brands and businesses that have done exceedingly well in fashion. The 32-year-old fashion and creative entrepreneur has surrendered himself to his dreams and goals in life, which has helped him to transform his businesses into sought-after brands in the industry. He was raised in Kampala, Uganda, and Florida, the US, and growing up in these different backgrounds and cultures, he learned about their fashion culture as well. As Harnun grew up, he initiated his brands, which today are a success story, thanks to his relentless drive and hard work.

Today, Harnun serves as the Chief Director at Sabaa and the 47th Dynasty fashion lines. Harnun, for his passion for evoking spiritualism in others, turned into an author as well and authored the 47th Dynasty Kemetic Spiritual books collection, including his latest book titled “Return back to self-love.” In his earlier days with his brand Sabaa, Harnun recalls working with Angela Simmons. Sabaa was the first brand that she had on her e-commerce website and fashion show when she first launched.

Harnun’s fashion lines exude his excellence in designing, where he carefully mixes traditional designs with a modern twist, instantaneously enthralling fashion lovers. Do check out his Instagram @harnunofficial or visit the website: https://www.sabaaofficial.com to know more.

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