Embracing the Existence of Age While Achieving Longevity with OneSkin

Four female PhDs have created a unique skin health brand dedicated to reversing the effects of aging at the molecular level, effectively reframing how we view and understand beauty today. OneSkin is powered by OS-01, a proprietary peptide scientifically proven to not only reduce the appearance of the skin’s aging but to target the root cause of aging: the accumulation of senescent, or aging cells, which are key drivers of inflammation as skin ages (shown in lab studies on human skin in vitro). In doing so, OneSkin addresses total skin health. From improving key health markers like collagen production to enhancing skin’s barrier function (shown in lab studies on ex vivo human skin), the end benefit is reduced signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loss of firmness. Co-founded by Carolina Reis Olivera, Alessandra Zonari, Mariana Boroni, and Juliana Lott, the brand promotes the overall health and wellness of not only the skin but the entire body throughout life, enabling people to unlock the self confidence to embrace aging in a healthier manner.

OneSkin is known as a beauty brand focused on developing scientifically-validated solutions to improve the health and appearance of aging skin. The brand’s mission to become the leading longevity platform in skin care is set forth through pioneering products and ever evolving scientific research that maximizes human potential. The founders acknowledge that the skin is our largest organ, and to properly care for it we must focus first on its wellness, subsequently improving its appearance.

So how did OneSkin get its start? Coincidentally, they never intended to develop a product line. In fact, seven years ago, OneSkin began as a research company that focused on testing the efficacy of everyday topical skin care ingredients and products. They used their proprietary algorithm, called MolClock, to measure skin’s biological age in the lab, and what they discovered next was shocking. Not only are many topical skin care products essentially ineffective, a startling amount also accelerate the aging process in skin. This discovery prompted the founding team to develop and deliver elevated skin care to the world that has the potential to reverse aging at the molecular level by providing a new solution to a very old problem. OneSkin is able to change the narrative of aging to be a more positive one, enabling people to spend their time making memories in good health rather than spending their energy fighting age related skin issues.

OneSkin supplies a comprehensive suite of products catered to the different needs of the skin across our body, from our face and eyes, to the skin below the neck. OS-01 FACE is the crown jewel of the brand, offered as a skin longevity treatment powered by the OS-01 peptide, OS-01 FACE is clinically validated to improve barrier function, firmness, elasticity, and hydration of the skin. OS-01 BODY is a daily moisturizer for your body, also super powered by the OS-01 peptide. This treatment was tested and developed on real human skin models and is specifically designed for the body’s skin, which is typically thicker and produces less hydrating oils than the skin on the face. OS-01 BODY reduces flakiness, improves hydration, and boosts skin strength and smoothness. PREP Cleanser is the first step of the OneSkin regimen that is formulated to prep the skin to fully absorb the active ingredients in OS-01 FACE, especially the OS-01 peptide. OneSkin’s scientists have found that the OS-01 peptide in OS-01 FACE absorbs up to 2.2 times more effectively when applied after PREP Cleanser (tested by OneSkin’s scientists in ex vivo human skin models). The cleanser gently exfoliates impurities from the skin without stripping the skin or causing excessive irritation like several other competing cleansers.

OneSkin has built a brand propelled by curiosity and knowledge, scientific research, and age positivity. At its core, the brand’s goal is to maximize human potential. As longevity scientists, the founders aim to innovate with scientific rigor and integrity in order to reframe how society approaches aging. Rather than seeking to provide the illusion of younger skin, OneSkin goes deeper, tackling the root cause of aging at the molecular level. Other “science based” skincare brands often outsource their research to external labs. OneSkin performs their research in-house and continues to invest in their scientific platform and R&D process to develop innovative, highly effective, and safe products.

The brand has been recognized by thought leaders across the longevity industry as a pioneering brand at the intersection of skin care and longevity technology. OneSkin was recently featured in Tony Robbins’ book, “Life Force”, as one of the newest breakthroughs in skin science today. OneSkin was also mentioned by longevity pioneer Dr. David Sinclair in his episode of “LifeSpan”, which highlighted key scientific research directed towards looking younger for longer. Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, also mentioned OneSkin in his podcast, “The Human Upgrade”, where he focused on how the OS-01 peptide can combat aging effectively.

OneSkin continues to build out their product line to deliver solutions for every part of skin. OS-01 EYE, expected to launch on February 28th, is specifically designed to strengthen and visibly firm the delicate skin around the eyes. OS-01 EYE is one of its kind, as it was developed on skin models grown from actual eyelid skin cells and super powered by their highest concentration of the OS-01 peptide. In a society that tries to reduce skin’s purpose to mere aesthetics, OneSkin flips the script to promote skin health so it can support whole-body longevity and well being.

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