ELLZ: The Best In Premium Cannabis

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Committed to high quality and the finest variety of premium cannabis based products,

ELLZ is the latest up and coming cannabis brand you need to know about. 

The ELLZ Brand

ELLZ is a cannabis brand brought to you straight out of Los Angeles. It all started with two brothers and their passion for cannabis. They wanted to offer an affordable premium product that is convenient, fresh and most of all, potent

The dedication to high quality surpasses all else and the ELLZ team is quite selective when it comes to sourcing cannabis. All their products are made from organically grown USA hemp because if it’s not quality, then it’s all hype, and that’s just not how they roll.

Quality You Can Taste 

If you’re not hip to any of the quality products that ELLZ sells, then you gotta hop on this train to experience the mellowest of joyrides.    

ELLZ Vape Cartridges

With a variety of cannabinoids, it’s easy to expand your mind in any trajectory that draws you. And this is whyELLZ is dedicated to offering a varied assortment of experiences with their Modern Vape Cartridge Line. 

 ELLZ vape cartridges are 1 full gram. These vape carts are highly effective and long lasting with 95% pure oil combined with botanical terpenes for some serious flavor. Within ELLZ Modern, you will find HHC, THC-O and Delta 8-THC. 


Hexahyrdrocannabinol or HHC is a cannabinoid making its way to the cannabis market in a major way. It has been much praised by users looking for something a little more potent than Delta 8 THC, but slightly less vigorous than Delta 9 THC. 

Sex On The Beach-Blended with the elusive Hawaiian Sunrise strain in mind, the smooth tropical citrus flavor will seduce your taste buds and inspire aloha vibes. 

MILF-The sativa dominant strain, Lucid Blue, is the inspiration for this refreshingly flavored cart. MILF offers a sweet blueberry essence that will tantalize your taste buds all day long.  

Double D’s-The Double D’s cartridge is Super Silver Haze terpenes infused with HHC for an enticing skunky sour citrus.

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THC-O-Acetate, also known simply as THC-O, is another cannabinoid finding prominence on the cannabis market due to the very strong experience it elicits. Some users have reported hallucinogenic experiences as if they had consumed psilocybin.  

Pound It-Pound It duplicates the sativa strain Pineapple Express. Citrus dominates on the forefront with an earthy pine finish. Pound It is an intensely satisfying vape. 

Cosmopolitan-Formulated after the sativa strain, Strawberry Cough, it’s berry flavors are just as alluring as big energetic smiles all day long.  

Big Daddy-Big Daddy is modeled after the ever famous Grand Daddy Purp. Big sweet grape flavor is the only way this amazing vape cart can be described. 

ELLZ Delta 8-THC

Delta 8-THC has been a powerhouse among the latest cannabinoids entering the cannabis market today. It offers smooth and calm highs that seems to facilitate pleasant mood boosts with increased cognition and wards off anxiety. It is seriously the lastest go-to for combating everyday stress. 

Sugar Mama-This vape cart is deliciously sugary and is a nice balance of the ever favorite indica hybrid strain, Wedding Cake. 

Taboo-Taboo is modeled after the indica strain Bubba Kush. It’s smooth with a piney finish and absolutely perfect for an all day vape.

Cherry Popper-This sweet sweet vape is blended with Gelato terpenes for great taste and amazing focus with excellent chill vibes. Cherry Popper is indeed a major game changer. 

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ELLZ Gourmet 

For all the folks who love sweet treats with some verve, ELLZ brings to you their very own line of delectable treats. ELLZ Gourmet is the newest addition to the brand and is coming in strong with outstanding flavor and super strength.

The first treat to emerge in this gourmet treat line is their Strawberry Sunset Gummy. This confection is infused with a whopping 50mg of premium delta 8-THC. Strawberry Sunset is 

perfectly sweet and offers a very potent experience. 

Considering how well-rounded the Strawberry Sunset Gummy is with flavor and potency, it will be exciting to see what ELLZ Gourmet has in store for future releases.

ELLZ Classic and Original Packs

An introduction to the ELLZ brand would not be complete without noting the heart and soul of their lines, the Classic and Original. 

The Original Line was the first to be released in order to offer hand-rolled blunts to those who love to smoke a phatty blunt to the dome. Each blunt contains 1 full gram of CBD hemp flower with 15% CBD and 16% total cannabinoids. 

These blunts are perfect for sharing and also come in a sweet grape flavor for those who love a more luscious experience.

The Pre-Roll Classics come in a pack of 18 CBD hemp cigarettes. As soon as you open the pack, you get a whiff of the time-honored cannabis aroma that you wished someone would make into an air freshener.  

If you’re looking to ditch nicotine, the ELLZ Pre-Roll Classics can be the solution you’ve been looking for. The Pre-Roll Classics will offer a smoker the same smooth throat feel smokers look forward to while granting a soothing and relaxing after effect.   

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Where Can I Purchase ELLZ?

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