Ella V is Transforming the Skincare World with V-Glow’s All-Natural Products

Ella V shares her secret to taking care of herself and building her confidence. By Tanya Parasher

With new skincare products constantly launching, it has become almost impossible to find trustworthy and high-quality brands. Ella V has always been a strong believer that establishing a consistent skincare routine is the key to boosting self-confidence. With V-Glow, Ella is inspiring people to prioritize their mental and physical health with her line of skincare and beauty products. V-Glow has already been a huge success across the US, but Ella isn’t stopping there. V-Glow was recently covered by Vogue UK, and in September, V-Glow will make its first appearance in Vogue Philippines. By the end of summer, Ella hopes to expand her operations in the Philippines. V-Glow Skin Care Center is the current distributor of Esthemax Professional products, and is on the road to launching her beauty line in the Philippine market by the end of the year.

Despite her successes, launching V-Glow came with many challenges. When Ella first moved from the Philippines to the US, she struggled to adapt to her new home. She felt like an outcast in a new world, which took a toll on her and her career. But, she kept her dreams in mind and used her struggles as motivation to keep going. Ella draws her inspiration from her loved ones, and has always been grateful for her husband, who encouraged her to forge her own career path. Her husband’s kindness and compassion helped her realize her worth, and his belief in her inspired Ella to keep pushing towards her goals.

“I’ve learned that determination beats motivation. You may be motivated today, but when life knocks you down how determined are you to get back up? At the end of the day, your decision to push through gets you closer to your dreams,” said Ella.

Ella has always dreamt big. Her strong work ethic paired with her kind heart is what makes her skincare brand successful. Not only does she want to leave her mark, but she hopes to inspire other women to motivate one another. Ella emphasizes the importance of building a welcoming work environment that values teamwork amongst women instead of competition.

“In this day and age, women tend to compete with other women. I believe that shouldn’t be the case. One’s success should be an inspiration to another. In life, we don’t compete with others. We only compete with ourselves because we should always strive to be better,” said Ella.

Now that V-Glow is expanding internationally, Ella is closer than ever to becoming the benchmark of success for start-ups, and inspiring people to dream big in any venture they want to take on. However, Ella has made sure to stay true to herself despite her quick rise to success.

Her number one priority has always been to put her energy into the things and people she loves and to never take her time for granted.

One trait that Ella will always value is her passion to welcome new experiences. The beauty industry has always been closed-minded towards creativity, and people often feel pressured to stick to society’s conventional standards. However, with V-Glow, Ella hopes to inspire people to always tap into their creative sides, no matter how unconventional their ideas may seem. Ella’s confidence to push boundaries and create a brand that shares her story is what makes V-Glow so special. With so many more exciting projects to come, this is just the start of Ella’s journey. Watch out, because V-Glow is changing the skincare game forever, one product at a time!

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