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Zachary Tarnopol has attained success as a content creator, influencer, actor, and singer; his firm POKE MEDIA LLC excels at content creation & production.

The digital revolution has given many indigenous entrepreneurs who have scaled to the top of the industry with their creativity and robust work ethic. This stands true for a young entrepreneur who has carved out a successful career as an online gamer, YouTuber, actor, singer, and social media influencer; he is Zachary Neil Tarnopol, alias Poke or Pokediger1.

Zachary Tarnopol is a Gen-Z entrepreneur who made the most of the opportunities to emerge as an avid YouTuber and influencer. Born in Orlando Park, Chicago, his interest in the gaming scene piqued very early in his childhood, and he launched his YouTube channel called Poke or Pokediger1, aged 9. He was extremely creative and revolutionized the online gaming landscape with his wit and interesting content. His YouTube channel garnered a staggering 4.5 million subscribers along with totaling over 1 billion views. The extravagant success helped him launch his firm POKE MEDIA LLC in 2017. His firm strived on evolving the online gaming and content creation industry by creating multiple games on Roblox. The firm also gives guidance on these fields to budding gamers and informs them about the pros and cons of the industry at large.

Zachary Tarnopol’s career, which began just to play games, now elevated him to the threshold of the online gaming industry. His exemplary vision to make the most of the hype led him to pursue a career in the entertainment business. In the sci-fi animation film called The Last Guest, Zachary Tarnopol lends his voice to the character Poke Bacon Soldier, which was received extremely well by the audience. His remarkable performance helped him gain more solid contacts, which resulted in him releasing his music video and albums. Zachary Tarnopol aka Poke released SeeDeng, Ant, and PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX in 2017, with the release of hip-hop rap song Wallet So Fat in 2018.

The albums gained a huge response from the listeners and established him in the entertainment industry. Aged just 22, Poke has a lot to offer even after reaching the starry highs. He functions on a robust work ethic, with an exquisite desire to evolve in his art.

Zachary Tarnopol aka POKE’s vision, creativity, and the habit of making the most from an opportunity has compounded his rise as a dynamic, young entrepreneur.

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