You Ignorant Sluts

California's election results brought out the fury and glee in L.A. Weekly readers — in particular, the defeat of Proposition 46, a plan to raise the medical malpractice cap (“Consumer Watchdog Gets Blown Out on Health Care Propositions 45 and 46,” Nov. 5) and the Weekly's “California Voter Guide for Nov. 4, 2014.”

Paul Molinaro writes, “As a medical malpractice attorney AND physician, I found it difficult to read most of the Internet posts on this topic due to the misinformation, the hatred toward lawyers [and] the dramatic boo-hoo-me posts from physicians.” But, he points out, “Even if one believes that the cap is an effective means to keep scumbag lawyers on a leash while still fully compensating victims of hack doctors, the amount which our legislature thought to be the perfect amount was $250,000 … in 1975 … it is now 2014.”

On the other side, reader Scottzwartz writes that the measure to toss out the $250,000 cap on physician malpractice cases failed because, “Just as the Tea Party on the Right sticks its fingers in its ears and stomps and screams in order to end rational discussion, so too do people on the Left, when they adopt the True Believer mentality.  No political party has a monopoly on self-centered people satiated on their own self-importance who then set off on foolish juggernauts.”

Others turned their disgust toward the paper's voter guide itself, with reader Travisbrainerd asking, “Why would I read and then analyze a long paragraph for each endorsement? As much I'd like to be educated about each candidate I'm voting on, at some point I'd just like to scroll through and see the final verdict on each possible choice.”

Unfortunately for him, the Weekly does not endorse candidates or ballot measures.

Whose California Is It?

Readers were delighted and dismayed over the defeat of legislative candidate Sandra Fluke by rival Democrat Ben Allen (“Sandra Fluke, Feminist Made Famous by Rush Limbaugh, Loses Badly in Bid for State Senate,” Nov. 5). Reader Realdrgeek celebrated, “Goodbye loser! California is lost because of outsiders like you!” and went on to praise the “real born-and-raised Californians whose great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, raised us as normal citizens, who were taught to respect our country, the flag and our beloved Constitution!” But, as Chaz4funtoo points out, “I do not share realdrgeek's opinion, as the original Californians, if not the indigenous, were Californios. And they're Mexican.

You Write, We Read

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