Ed Charlton, a Top Indie Author and Former Consultant, Has Created a New World For Himself and His Readers

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Ed Charlton is not just an author; he’s a storyteller weaving captivating science fiction tales. After completing the last book Time in his sci-fi trilogy Jim Able: Offworld series, he now has seven books under his belt.

From Software Consulting to Sci-FI Writing

Ed’s storytelling journey began in a writer’s group in New Jersey. However, his roots in writing trace back to his youth in the UK, where he devoured classic sci-fi TV shows and drafted sci-fi novels that still rest in the bottom drawer. Having worked many years as a software consultant, his experiences in the corporate world, the peculiarities of American business, and a background in philosophy and religion all contribute to the unique mindset he imparts to his alien characters.

Taking Humor Seriously

Ed’s writing is self-proclaimed as fun. Although he does weave in bits and pieces of his own experiences, he isn’t on a mission to educate or inform, but more to entertain. “I don’t write deep and serious sci-fi. I keep it light and an easy read.”

While he enjoys writing, he recognizes that writing is a challenge and needs commitment to see it through. “Words don’t write themselves,” he says, “and sometimes they take a long while to come out. I have a huge mountain of notes behind the scenes.” Ed takes sitting down and writing seriously. His overall insight into the indie writing scene has shown him that success takes both time and effective marketing.

The Jim Able: Offworld Series

In 2024, Ed Charlton has three more books planned for the Jim Able: Offworld series, stories for readers who enjoy eccentric aliens, imperfect humans, and heroes who work in outer space.

As Ed continues to write and expand his series, his focus remains on creating engaging and entertaining narratives. The upcoming releases promise more adventures in unexplored sci-fi worlds, reflecting Ed’s commitment to storytelling.

To learn more about Ed Charlton and his work, visit his website at EdCharlton.com.

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