If you’ve been researching a more potent substance for building muscle mass, you’ve most likely stumbled upon Ecdysterone.

It’s gained a lot of attention over the past few months because it effectively enhances performance without causing any side effects.

This article will show you everything you’ll want to know about Ecdysterone. We’ll show you what to expect, how to use it, and where to buy it.

What Is Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone, also known as 20-Hydroxyecdysone, is a naturally occurring ecdysteroid hormone found in plants and arthropods.

There are many different ecdysteroids out there; one other example that comes to mind is Turkesterone. But, they aren’t as effective as Ecdysterone because that’s the most active and effective one.

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Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts commonly use this compound to help them reach the next level of their physique and performance.

Make sure to keep reading as we will be going over the benefits you can expect from taking this natural anabolic agent.

Ecdysterone Benefits Breakdown

We’ve shown you what this product is, but you’ll be more interested in what it’s able to do in terms of boosting your performance.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of taking Ecdysterone and how it’ll help take your performance to a whole different level.

Increased Lean Muscle Mass

The first and most prominent benefit of using this ecdysteroid is that it will drastically increase lean muscle growth.

You’ll start feeling it work after just several days of taking it. From there on, you’ll see the number on the scale increase, and you’ll slowly gain quality size. The gains will be lean mass, meaning no water retention whatsoever.

With my 12-week cycle at 1000mg per day, I managed to gain nearly 10lbs without any side effects. Make sure you get a good product – we use Huge Ecdysterone for our cycles.

Increased Protein Synthesis

As you’re probably already aware, proteins are crucial because they’re the building blocks for muscle tissue.

Protein synthesis is the process where protein is used to help repair muscle damage from exercise. When this process is enhanced, you will recover and gain muscle faster.

This will mean that your entire performance will get a massive boost because you’re recovering at a much faster rate than you would naturally.

Increased Strength

You’ll not only grow and recover faster, but your strength will also go through the roof while taking Ecdysterone.

Every time you step foot in the gym, you’ll be able to increase the weight on your doing exercises. You can definitely expect to improve some of your lifts while taking this. If you want even more strength gains, try adding in Laxogenin as well.

Ecdysterone Dosage For Bodybuilding

You’ve now learned more about the many benefits Ecdysterone has. But, to get these benefits, you’re going to need to know how to use this product properly.

You’re going to have to plan your cycle correctly by using the correct dosage and cycle length.

Generally speaking, users take an Ecdysterone dosage of 500mg to 1000mg per day. We’ve seen some users go beyond 1 gram per day, but we don’t think that is necessary as it’s already potent at 1 gram.

As someone that has taken this muscle building supplement for a total of three cycles now, I found the sweet spot to be 1000mg per day. I ended up taking that dose for 12 weeks and gained nearly 10lbs.

So from my experience, 1000mg was much more effective than 500mg per day.

But if it’s your first time using this product, go ahead and take 500mg per day for your cycle. From there, you can always up the dose if you feel the need.

You’re going to need to purchase this product from a reputable brand. We’ve always Huge Ecdysterone by Huge Nutrition; it’s one of the best products you can get your hands on.

Once you’ve got your product and chosen at which dosage you’re going to run it, make sure to use it for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Can Ecdysterone Cause Side Effects?

When you use this product, you won’t have to worry about side effects because there are none. We have yet to stumble upon a user experience where side effects are reported.

During my cycles, I also felt zero adverse effects. Even at dosages of up to 1000mg per day, I felt excellent.

You won’t have to worry about any negatives. Make sure to follow our dosage instructions, and you’ll be fine.

The Best Ecdysterone Supplement

The quality of many ecdysterone supplements is inconsistent, and I’ve tried plenty that ended up disappointing. There are also a few that are underdosed, meaning you won’t notice much.

Long story short, it means you’re going to need to buy from a reputable brand. As someone that has tried plenty of products, I only feel comfortable promoting one product.

And that is Huge Ecdysterone by Huge Nutrition. I’m convinced that it is the best ecdysterone supplement out there. The product’s quality is top-notch and steady, meaning you can expect solid results from taking it.

I’ve taken it for my last two cycles, and the results have been phenomenal. Run 1000mg per day for 12 weeks, and you’ll gain a solid amount of lean mass.

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Huge Ecdysterone is also the only exclusive product that contains Ecdysterone combined with Cyclodextrin, meaning it’s absorbed by your system a lot better than a regular product.

It’s only available from the Huge Supplements site at $69.95 per bottle. This might be slightly more expensive than the alternatives but trust me when I say it is worth paying a little extra for this product.




The Bottom Line

It’s safe to say that I found Ecdysterone to be one of the most potent and advanced supplements for packing on mass and strength.

This all while not having any side effects or requiring post cycle therapy.

Even though many people aren’t aware of this ingredient yet, I expect it to become even more popular very, very soon.

Let’s take one last look at the highlights of this article:

  • Ecdysterone is the most active and effective ecdysteroid out on the market.
  • It’s highly effective at building muscle and strength. It’s not unheard of to gain 10lbs from a cycle.
  • When compared to Turkesterone, Ecdysterone is the better option.
  • Use it at dosages of 500 to 1000mg per day for the best results. I found 1000mg to work optimally for gains.
  • Cycles should last from 4 to 12 weeks. The longer, the better.
  • The best Ecdysterone supplement is produced by Huge Nutrition, click here to visit the product.
  • You shouldn’t experience side effects from taking it.
  • Combine with a good workout routine and diet for maximal results.

This product is hands down one of a kind, and you won’t be disappointed by it when you use it correctly.



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