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The United States was created by people like Lebanon-born Jad Kantari. Immigrants have made this country what it is today. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and drive within millions of immigrants, the US has become known to be a place where success can come to anyone who strives for it. Jad’s success story shows us that this is still possible.

When he was 18, Jad decided to make moves and leave his home country of Lebanon. He saw his cousin unlock success in the US and he wanted to do the same. Taking a calculated, yet bold, risk, he moved to America and pursued a degree in civil engineering at the University of Southern California.

After getting his degree, he went on to work for an engineering company. However, it was not as fulfilling as the entrepreneurial spirit within him was yearning for. That led to him looking into becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur. After studying the industry in-depth, he felt confident enough to establish his own e-commerce business he called Ycommerce.

Today, his e-commerce company has generated over $16 million in sales since launching in 2018. That is an impressive achievement to call his own. Thanks to the knowledge he picked up along the way, along with his experience and drive, Jad was able to create the beginnings of a small e-commerce empire.

The path to get to where he is today took time. He first had to take other bold risks, like racking up $10K in credit card debt on Facebook ads. However, since he was prudent with his investments into the business, he started turning a profit in less than half a year.

Like all successful entrepreneurs, Jad does not get discouraged by failures. He understands that the road to success is paved with failures. Those who push through obstacles and find a way beyond them are the ones who unlock immense success.

Even though he has only been at the e-commerce game for a few years, Jad has already amassed invaluable wisdom that he now gladly shares with others. For instance, he recommends other e-commerce entrepreneurs to always diversify any ventures they have, which includes having several business models running simultaneously. Having multiple income streams ensures you will avoid being in a financially difficult spot if any one of them happens to fail or dry up.

Given the incredible rise from being a teen living in Lebanon to becoming a six-figure immigrant entrepreneur making millions in sales every year, Jad has become an inspiring business owner to aspiring entrepreneurs. He hopes that he can inspire as many others as possible to go after their dreams, even if they appear to be far out of reach. If Jad could do it, then so can others.

Looking ahead, Jad looks to scale his success farther than he has already taken it. For him, his entrepreneurial journey has only just begun.

You can follow Jad on Instagram @jadkantari.

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