D'Arcy's Secret Stash

So Brian D'Arcy, the guy who represents the city's DWP workers, a union boss who gives other union bosses a bad name, just may have found a way to keep the city from fully auditing a sketchy $40 million “training” fund, as Joseph Tsidulko reported last week (“DWP Union Boss Taps a Loophole to Hide $40 Million,” Feb. 14). Readers were feeling awfully cynical about the latest development.

Richardstarr writes, “I imagine that one of two things is going on. One, fraud — which, when uncovered, will require jail time (though a plea deal will happen). Or, second, this is a distraction from some other financial game going on.”

Reader 42lights is convinced of the latter option. “I suspect that playing hide-and-seek with the $40-something million is a dodge, and that the real abuse is being hidden by the dust storm kicked up by folks fighting over minutiae. This is chump change to the DWP and the city of Los Angeles. I'd like to know what's behind the curtain.”

Not-So-Super Bowl

Henry Rollins didn't like the Super Bowl — or at least not the barrage of ads accompanying it (“American Exceptionalism,” Feb. 14). Reader Jason Meisler didn't like that.

Every year someone has to write the inevitable blather about the Super Bowl being a militaristic spectacle, glamorizing violence, etc., and so on,” he writes. “This year, it is Rollins' turn. He states he is not a sports enthusiast and is 'probably' a communist or a vegetarian — I am sure Fidel likes a sports spectacle, and I know a vegan or two who doesn't mind watching Peyton Manning scream 'Omaha' all afternoon. So I don't get why Rollins' diet and politics have any relevance to his rant.

“Until the nanny state bans football, people will play and people will watch it. It is how we are wired. I just reckon perhaps Rollins wasn't picked for a team when he was a youth and is carrying around this bile as he approaches his golden years. He sounds like those Bible thumpers who write letters to TV stations complaining about how too much sex on TV is destroying our culture. Get over it, dude!”

How the Weather Was

In an online-only essay Monday, Web Editor Ali Trachta took issue with L.A.'s weather (“Truth Time: L.A.'s Weather's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be,” Feb. 17). The tar-and-feathering is still going strong online, should you wish to join in.

Vfrancojr writes, “Another Kerouac wannabe trying to be cool by saying L.A. weather sucks. You wouldn't be saying that if you were abandoning your car along an Atlanta highway this past week.

Mewartytoad agrees. “This is a surreal read while my social media feeds are full of friends in the rest of the country complaining about the cold and snow,” he writes. “Missing hot, humid nights? Really? And if you are cold at night in August, you are probably on the Westside — that's why I don't live there. The worst part of living in L.A. is the whiny transplants. Go home.”

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