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Operating an international business can present countless hurdles, from finding the right workers to sustaining customers, this can become an arduous endeavor for any business owner. However, the biggest problem international business owners face is finding an efficient and cost-effective payment solution.

Different countries have different currencies, taxes, and other unique situations that can become substantial impediments when providing payment. The conventional payment routes like credit cards, bank wires, and various payment platforms come with an extensive amount of fees. Due.com is the new payment platform that streamlines this process, charging smaller fees than their competitors, and alleviating the massive headache that can be associated with international payment.

John Rampton is the CEO of Due.com, a new payment processing platform that is a premier solution for business owners to make international payments, Due.com significantly reduces transaction costs while ultimately increase the bottom line of a business. The ascension of social media has highlighted a wide range of products and services available across the world, this is great for international business owners, as it lets them access vast possibilities and limitless earning potential when doing business worldwide. Outsourcing work to foreign countries can be a great way to save money, many companies do this for tech or IT support, as well as software development, where the services of talented software engineers can be attained for a fraction of the price. Although this is a great way to save money, providing payment for such workers presents a cumbersome challenge. A great solution would be to identity a payment platform that can send invoices, estimates, and quotes in different currencies, languages, all while incorporating the tax code of each respective country.

Keeping costs low and avoiding fees are of paramount importance to any business owner, Due.com is here to make this possible. Rampton cautions business owners against four different distinct components when searching for a payment provider: no per transaction cost, special rates for high-volume customers, no hidden or monthly fees, and a guarantee. Due.com integrates these four components into their platform, they have a cost of 2.7% for all card types, and no monthly fees or per transaction cost. They are so certain that they are the best payment solution on the market, that they will beat any cheaper rate, in the rare event a business owner happens to find one. Due.com is quickly becoming the preferred payment solution for international business owners, those with a large amount of workers and clients overseas.

Rampton is says that it is of monumental importance to find a payment platform that provides the business owner with an assurance of safety and security, as security breaches are becoming more and more problematic. If a cryptocurrency exchange built on the utmost secure blockchain technology can be hacked for hundreds of millions of dollars, hackers are sure to have the ability to penetrate the security of a payment platform. Such risks are greatly heightened when dealing with various financial institutions, regulations, languages, and tax systems.

Payment platforms have recognized the power of such a threat, enacting a number of safeguards to protects against such consequences. By doing so, they hope to retain their customers, while giving them peace of mind. Rampton is a firm proponent for business owners to look for a payment platform that utilizes encryption technology that tokenizes date, once it reaches its server.

Money is the bedrock of any expanding business, cutting superfluous expenses is imperative, as well as the protection of personal data. If such is leaked, it can be the death knell to any business. If you are looking for significantly lower transaction costs, assurance that personal data and information is protected, Due.com is the premier streamlined payment processing services for any international business owner.

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