DTSocialize puts the power of data in the consumers’ hand

Daniele Marinelli photo 1

The digital age and social media has created a fierce struggle between consumers and platforms over data privacy. As companies attempt to make use of data for marketing purposes, the public is left wondering whether their information is being shared with the wrong entities, or even if their basic rights are being protected.

In comes Daniele Marinelli, who has developed a solution that would still make data available to companies for commercial purposes while maintaining privacy of each individual as they see fit. With an idea to incentivize the sharing of personal data, Marinelli established DTSocialize, an ecosystem with the potential to become the solution for the data sharing problem.

Marinelli took the idea of allowing DTSocialize users to receive rewards within its ecosystem a step forward, and decided to integrate Web3 technology to the concoction to fulfill the medium for compensation. Through harnessing Web3 technology, DTSocialize also enables the decentralization of data while ensuring the highest level of compliance to current privacy regulations.

With the Big Data analytics market expected to reach $103 billion by 2023, statistics show 97.2 percent of organizations are investing in big data and artificial intelligence (AI). DTSocialize is not looking to take on Big Data companies, but rather challenge them to follow suit. Instead of finding new ways to tap user data without their knowledge, companies can instead knowingly share data and eliminate the ethical conundrum. 

With Marinelli’s visionary solution of treating users as individuals with rights to their own data, DTSocialize believes that by rewarding ordinary users for sharing, consumers will be willingly incentivized to give permission to use their information. Granting users the ability to control the amount of data they are willing to share may also be another step in granting consumers a sense of security and control, while companies gain a pool of data that has been knowingly and willingly shared.

Further emphasizing members’ privacy and security, DTSocialize anonymizes outbound data, aggregating it into Big Data stacks for market research, with no direct connection to a single user. The anonymity ensures members feel secure that their information is not being shared when opting to allow DTSocialize to access their personal data.

With a global community approaching 700 thousand members, DTSocialize sees an exponential growth in membership. As new products, services, and markets are added, members feel well compensated for their engagement with DTSocializes’ platform, resulting in high loyalty and low churn rates.

DTSocialize prides itself on creating a secure bridge between modern digital services. From financial to social and commerce to investment within a single ecosystem that guarantees freedom to choose how to share data while maintaining privacy. All financial services within the ecosystem are fully compliant with standard procedures for Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer protocols. 

Aiming to give back to its community, DTSocialize builds products that the community wants and offers them the privacy guarantees they require, so that the whole ecosystem built is dictated by the members.

Moreover, to provide DTSocialize members more services- merchants, banks, and other service providers can easily link to DTSocialize using an Application Programming Interface (API), making implementation efficient and low-cost.

Going forward, DTSocialize aims to integrate itself into the Metaverse as a framework to safely transact, communicate, and access financial services. The project’s unique Metaverse platform, Umetaworld, is a virtual replica of the real world and provides the global DTSocialize community with VR and AR solutions for users to experience the Metaverse with the same golden-standard security that DTSocialize currently offers its members.

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