DreadFull Hippie Seeks to Empower Women Through Self-Expression

Founders Dallas and Ellie McGee touch on what makes their business truly special.Screen Shot 2022 08 22 at 8.43.22 AM

These days, there are a plethora of new companies created each day, especially with the ease of social media; however, the ones that tend to stick around often add value to some aspect of life, or fix a specific problem. To best accomplish this, one must have a personal understanding of the issue to be better-equipped to address it. DreadFull Hippie founders, Dallas and Ellie McGee, understand this as well as anyone, as they took issues they experienced in their lives and created a solution with their company. For the last six years, their business has been focusing on its sole mission of helping women gain confidence through their products.

The idea for DreadFull Hippie was birthed in 2016 when Ellie McGee, a 17-year-old high school student at the time, decided it was time to do something to improve her low self-esteem. Ellie had always struggled with her hair, and she described it as thin, short, brittle, and lifeless. She had always dreamed of getting dreadlocks since she was a young child, but her hair situation made that dream nearly impossible to achieve.

At this point, McGee already knew her dream of dreadlocks was not going to be possible without some creativity. She was constantly motivated and inspired by her friends, as many of them had beautiful braids and hairstyles. Ellie recalls the day where the idea for DreadFull Hippie came to her out of nowhere. “I remember asking myself why hair extensions were so common, but dread extensions were nowhere to be found,” McGee explained. So, Ellie wasted no time and put the last $47 in her bank account towards making her dream a reality.

Shortly after, McGee discovered a way to make braid-in synthetic dreadlock extensions with synthetic hair. Of course, she would be the first to test them out, and upon doing so immediately felt the difference. “Right away, I stood a little taller and I became bolder in all aspects of my life,” she stated. Aside from this newfound confidence, McGee’s new creation also gained a great deal of attention and interest from other people. Many of Ellie’s friends began to ask her for a set of her synthetic dreads, so she decided to test the waters on Facebook to see if there would be similar interest from others online.

Right off the bat, there was enough inquiries to drive McGee to open a small online store. Over the years, the online store continued to gradually grow; however, in 2020 DreadFull Hippie started to really take off. This success was very exciting for Dallas and Ellie McGee, who spent the first year of their marriage constantly working to build their community while also being over $60,000 in debt.

Fast-forward to today, DreadFull Hippie has become a popular business that accomplishes exactly what Ellie McGee had envisioned back in 2016- to empower women all across the world. Dallas and Ellie shared that DreadFull Hippie has many exciting projects on the way, and they are even planning to open a storefront in Utah in the near future. We can’t wait to see what exciting things the future holds for DreadFull Hippie in 2023.

Readers can keep up with DreadFull Hippie on Instagram, or visit their website.

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