DrChauBnB on How Learning to Leverage OPP Could Be Your Key to ABSOLUTE Financial Freedom

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Real estate is currently one of the best investment options for many reasons. Real estate is less volatile compared to stocks and has numerous tax benefits. Real estate also has a higher return, especially if you are using OPP. Other People Properties is a popular term in real estate, and as an agent or investor, you can use OPP to build your business. DrChauBnB is an entrepreneur who has used OPP to grow his empire and now shares how you can leverage OPP to achieve financial freedom.

DrChauBnB does Airbnb arbitrage. He quit his pharma job to focus solely on real estate and has been using OPP to grow his wealth. DrChauBnB was able to achieve financial and time freedom two years after he left his pharmaceutical job. He owns more than 30 Airbnbs, and he has been teaching others how they can leverage OPP to grow their income for the last seven years.

DrChauBnB has since mentored over 100 students on how to attain financial freedom through corporate housing arbitrage. How to leverage OPP to expand your business According to DrChauBnb, this is how you leverage OPP to expand your business:

  • Understand OPP

There are different ways that you can leverage OPP to grow your business. This includes attending a broker open house or asking another agent in your circle if you could help market and promote their listings. There is also working [c]with open houses for other agency listings.

DrChauBnB explains that to leverage OPP to achieve financial freedom, you must first understand what it is and choose your specialty. You can choose to focus on corporate housing arbitrage like DrChauBnB or rental arbitrage.

  • Have an abundance mentality

The goal is to bring value to your market and position you as a go-to luxury expert, says DrChauBnB. But achieving this is impossible without an abundance mentality.

Many people will tell you that rental arbitrage/ corporate housing arbitrage is already saturated, and you can’t make much in the industry. Listening to what others are saying without making the observation yourself will definitely affect your success as your mind already believes that getting OPPs is impossible.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Your network is your net worth; in this case, your circle can help you attain financial freedom much faster than you thought, says DrChauBnB.

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