“Drag Queen” with Mummy Gets TV SHOW! – A show about survival transformation and living!

With LGBTQ+ films and television being welcomed to theatres and platforms everywhere. Transgender stories are still emerging. Now, a new show promises to go deeper into the lives of actual transexual legends from yesteryear. The first historical trans centred series is coming to a device near you.

“Stiletto” the ground-breaking new show created by Sadaisha Shimmers and DivaGirl Productions, concentrates on the transgender community in the 1980s and the show’s real-life protagonists encountered as a participant in the community. The show promises to tell the stories of many notable transgender women with a focus on Sally’s Hideaway.

Sally’s had go-go boy competitions, male stripping, and drag acts, most of which were transsexual performers. Dorian Corey, Jayne County, and Angie Xtravaganza were among the performers. Pre-op transsexuals, drag queens, cross-dressers, strippers, and all types of hustlers were among the clientele.

On Wednesday, March 30th, 2022, the Karl Schumann Production began filming. I was on set watching Ace Salcedo the cinematographer as he begins to shoot that days scenes.  It was the full Hollywood experience onset with Karl the Executive Producer manning the ship, along with Natalia Pabon as show runner, the cast and crew buzzed with activity.

Stiletto is filmed at an actual Brooklyn bar ‘Purgatory’, a women and queer-owned bar/event space for creative types, performers, musicians, and anybody in between, situated at 675 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207. As Emilie, the owner says – ‘I think this show will be good for the bar and the community’. Sadaisha Shimmers the Creative Producer also states, ‘This show promises to explore the similarities between transgender and cisgender society’.

The show welcomes a full cast of breakthrough stars.  on set I was given a behind the scenes glimpse at Francesco “Frank” Volpe who is playing the part of NYPD – Antonio “Tony” Cavatoddie. Frank was shooting several scenes with Madison Gathers who is playing the role of Dorian Corey, the transgender showgirl.

Dorian became well-known appearing in the film ‘Paris is Burning.’ Here’s a clue into what one of the shows plot points may be. Corey, season ones leading lady, in real life had kept a mummified body of someone who first had been shot in the head, wrapped in faux leather, and packed in a bag placed in a trunk for an undetermined period of time.

The body was discovered after her death. Nobody knows for sure Why Bobby Worley was killed or even if Dorian did it. According to New York Legends the tea is – Dorian killed him after he tried to rob her. The complete article about Dorian and the Body was originally published in a 1995 issue of The New Yorker magazine and may be read by clicking here.

It is unclear just how many other real-life characters will be appearing in the captivating new series.  But it is rumoured that Nikki Exotika just signed on to play the role of Gina Germaine the world-famous showgirl and NYC socialite. With what I’ve witnessed onset this show promises to be juicy.  Personally, I cannot wait to see Frank fulfil the role of “Tony” Cavatoddie. the officer who is the hidden lover of Dorian, Tony lives a double life, including one with his spouse and stepson, and another one with his long-term transsexual partner and his work as a cop.

Stiletto, like many other series is confronting high expectations from both producers and performers filling the parts. I know I’ll be tuning into this worldwide phenomenon in the making. The world is ready for such vibrant, passionate, and vivid stories about real-life people whose lives may not be seen or accepted by society, and who often find the outsiders are the ones disguising their true identities.

LA Weekly