Dr. Sara Sabokpey Revolutionizes Dental Care and Wellness in Beverly Hills

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Nestled in the affluent heart of Beverly Hills, a new beacon of holistic wellness and innovative dentistry is captivating both locals and visitors alike. The visionary behind this groundbreaking venture is none other than Dr. Sara Sabokpey, a distinguished UCLA alumni with a dynamic background that spans across fashion design, engineering, and dentistry. At the helm of the renowned Comfy Dental Studio, she is pioneering a fresh approach to dental care that marries preventative techniques with integrative health practices.

Dr. Sabokpey’s journey into the creation of her wellness studio is as unique as it is inspiring. Leveraging her multifaceted expertise, she has meticulously designed a space where form meets function and innovation intertwines with artistry. This isn’t your average dental practice; it’s an experiential haven where health and beauty are in constant synergy. Founder and visionair, Dr. Sabokpey stated, “I wanted to promote the idea of “lifestyle medicine” and apply it to dentistry. People are so stressed these days, so I decided to combine my engineering/fashion and dental background and design a calm, peaceful studio, bathed in grounding colors rich greens, royal blues and soothing tones of pastels that work in harmony. We designed natural arches and curves throughout Comfy Dental Studio to create a natural and soothing spa-like atmosphere. We want patients to look forward to coming to the dentist, that is why we are focused on painless, minimally invasive dentistry in a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere.”

The philosophy at Comfy Dental Studio transcends the conventional boundaries of dentistry by incorporating holistic health services into its core offerings. Dr. Sabokpey’s vision is rooted in the belief that oral health is fundamentally linked to overall well-being. Consequently, her studio provides not only exceptional dental care but also a suite of holistic services designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Patients stepping into Dr. Sabokpey’s studio are welcomed into an environment that prioritizes their comfort and individual needs above all else. One of the studio’s signature offerings is its concierge dental service, which epitomizes personalized care at its finest. From initial exams to sophisticated cosmetic procedures, each treatment plan is meticulously tailored to reflect the patient’s unique aspirations for their smile and health.

But what truly sets Dr. Sabokpey apart from her peers is her commitment to integrating holistic wellness practices within her dental studio. Recognizing the intrinsic connection between oral health and lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress levels and isolation,  she offers laser sleep remedies, stress management sessions, meditation, Tai Chi and yoga sessions right within her practice.

This integrated approach ensures that patients receive care that looks beyond teeth and gums alone—addressing issues from nutritional deficiencies to stress-related bruxism (teeth grinding). It’s about creating harmony between physical appearance and internal well-being—an ethos that resonates deeply in a city synonymous with beauty.

In addition to these innovative services, what lies at the core of Dr. Sabokpey’s practice is an unwavering dedication to patient satisfaction. She prides herself on being not just a healthcare provider but also a compassionate listener who genuinely cares about her patients’ stories, needs and goals.

“Every smile tells a story,” Dr. Sabokpey remarks—a testament to her belief in treating patients not just clinically but personally too. “I aspire to integrate and pioneer the term ‘lifestyle dentistry’ within the domain of dental care.”

For those seeking more than just dental services—perhaps an oasis for total rejuvenation—Dr. Sara Sabokpey’s Comfy Dental Studio presents itself as a sanctuary where state-of-the-art dentistry meets holistic wellness head-on.

In Beverly Hills—a city where aesthetics reign supreme—Dr. Sabokpey’s studio stands out not merely for its commitment to external beauty but for its profound understanding of true wellness: A harmonious blend of appearance, health, and inner peace.

As news of this innovative practice spreads through social media channels, it becomes clear that Dr. Sara Sabokpey isn’t just transforming smiles; she’s reshaping the very concept of dental care in Beverly Hills.


In essence, Comfy Dental Studio doesn’t just offer treatments; it delivers experiences—crafted with precision, empathy, and an unyielding passion for elevating both physical beauty and wellbeing. To book a session or find more information, please visit:  www.comfydentalstudios.com.

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