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It can be hard to see doctors as anything but professionals whose work is about celebrating life. Doctors are the ones people turn to when medical issues prevent them from living their lives to the fullest. In the most extreme examples, doctors are the people who save lives.

Still, some doctors choose to just fix people, rather than dramatically save them. Others might see their mission as a support role in other people’s lives, merely caring for their well-being at critical moments. Dr. Mark X. Lowney’s role is closer to the latter.

Dr. Lowney, who is now known as The Real Dr. FeelGood, found his love for medicine at an early age. Both of his parents came from the medical field, allowing young Mark to see what kind of work it would be, giving him a glimpse of a life he could one day lead. So, at the young age of 12, Mark’s mind was set: he would become Dr. Lowney one day.

After finishing at St. Bernard School, Mark’s path took him to Boston College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology, a stepping stone toward the MD degree he later received from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Dr. Lowney’s next choice was to complete a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, eventually becoming a certified OB/GYN. This choice saw Dr. Lowney adopt the kind of role where he would not only be there for his patients during arguably the most critical times in their lives—while carrying another life within them—but also throughout their whole lives.

Dr. Lowney chose a deeper connection, instead of a single episode in his patients’ lives, and he was rewarded with a deeper understanding of the issues women face during and after pregnancy, as their bodies change, and as they age. Several key issues were related to their well-being as they were moving through various stages of life. One of them was a decline in frequency and quality of intimate moments.

As people age, they tend to have less and worse sex. It’s to be expected, after all, as the processes in the human body that make people so spry in their early twenties tend to slow down or stop as they age. Hormone production dwindles, which is a major culprit for the intimacy issues faced by the young, and not only the middle-aged and older. Blood flow becomes an issue, which makes things even more difficult.

Seeing this, Dr. Lowney decided to spend a portion of the next stage of his career helping people with their sexual wellness issues. Besides his cosmetic surgery practice, Advanced Body Sculpting, Dr. Lowney also founded another clinic that deals specifically with sexual wellness and age-management medicine.

Called StudioEros, the practice is a place for people to try to have their hormones balanced and their blood flow managed. Dr. Lowney is also there to advise people on how to take good care of themselves so that they don’t have to come to see him when they become older, although he’ll always be there for his patients.

To keep up with Dr. Mark X. Lowney and his activities, follow his Instagram account at @realdrfeelgood.


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