Dr.Ganja’s Best Cannabis Concentrates

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Before we check out Dr.Ganja’s best cannabis concentrates, we quickly consider what cannabis concentrates are and how they’re made.  

What Are Cannabis Concentrates? 

Cannabis concentrate is an accumulation of extracted cannabinoid compounds, such as CBD or Delta 8 THC, from the cannabis plant. The creation of concentrates involves either a solvent-based or solventless process to achieve the finished product we all love to enjoy.

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What Are The Top 5 Types Of Concentrates?

Distillate is a refined form of cannabis extract. It goes through a purification process several times. After purification, the result is a liquid with a thick consistency.

Isolate is one of the purest concentrates on the market. Terpenes and all other hemp content is completely removed, but isolate contains 99% active cannabinoids.

Wax concentrates is a solid sticky cannabis concentrate that can be dabbed or smoked.

RSO is a much thicker oil than tinctures. It is perfect for DIY cannabis treats or is easily placed in capsules for oral ingestion.  

A tincture is a concentrated cannabis liquid that comes in full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate. 

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Solvent-Based Concentrates

A solvent is a substance that is capable of dissolving other substances in order to form a solution. A concentrate created by the solvent-based process is considered an extract because all cannabinoids are extracted by solvents.

The favored solvents for cannabis extraction are CO2, ethanol, butane and propane. Reputable companies selling concentrates created from this process will ensure they have properly removed all solvents prior to its sale. This is why COA’s are important. 

Dab sauce / wax, tinctures and RSO are all examples of a solvent-based concentrate.

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Solventless Concentrates

As the name states, solventless concentrates are created without the use of solvents.  

Distillate and isolates are solventless concentrates. 

Top 5 Picks For Concentrates


Dr.Ganja brings you their very own Dr.Ganja Distillate. The brand includes Delta 8 THC and THC-O distillate that is topnotch as it is substantially concentrated, and is third-party tested to ensure potency and quality. 


The Dr.Ganja Isolate offers both CBD and CBG. It is extremely high quality with 99% purity and no contaminants. It is an incredibly clean and trusted isolate that can be dabbed and smoked. It can also be a great addition to your favorite drinks, any meal or baked goods. 

Dab Sauce/Wax

Dr.Ganja has a wide selection of dab sauces and wax by several reputable hemp artisans. 

Dodi is hitting it out of the park with their Delta 8 THC dab sauce. They grow, extract and process their quality products in the U.S.


When it comes to tinctures there is no better quality and affordability coming from one of Oregon’s finest, Lazarus Naturals. Their commitment to wellness is unprecedented and is demonstrated by the analgesic effects of their products proven to aid in a variety of ailments such as anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation and muscle pain.


Again Lazarus Naturals comes out on top with their very own full spectrum RSO CBD. It is extracted and formulated in their Oregon based facility for the highest quality RSO product on the market today. It’s great for sublingual consumption, mixing with food or adding to your favorite baked goods. 

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