Dr. Angela Brownemiller Is Guiding Us Through These Challenging Times With Her Life-Changing Books  – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Bringing in a new perspective through revolutionary books is a unique offering that hardly anyone can provide. This power is only in the hands of true pros. Special skills, highest levels of expertise, and years of experience are required to explain new ideas and to verify that the facts that are being discussed are correct, especially when it comes to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This requires a truly visionary author, one who shares her experience with the issues and problems while sharing her unique concepts and solutions with her readers and clients.

Many authors have used this strategy to propel their books to the top of the charts throughout the years, but one author who deserves special note is Dr. Angela Brownemiller. Dr. Angela Brownemiller, better known as Dr. Angela®, is a truly visionary author, as well as lecturer, educator, clinician, psychotherapist, and researcher with expertise in a wide range of psychological, social, spiritual, public health, and consciousness fields. She has written and presented hundreds of books, articles, sessions, seminars, workshops, broadcasts, and podcasts about the modern human mind, soul, and condition.

To assist people to comprehend the nature of her work, Dr. Angela (as can be found at DrAngela.com) covers all of her publications, the platforms she has appeared on, and who she is. With 30 years of experience, she has worked on a variety of books, but the ones that have made the greatest impact in the industry and benefited the most people in a variety of ways are her: HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE books which offer new CONCEPTS FOR LIVING AND DYING; her most recent novel, REVEALING THE OMEGA KEY; and her new OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO books. We will go over each book one by one to give you an overview, so brace yourself and be ready to be astounded.







Dr. Angela Brownemiller’s HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE books present concepts and exercises for dealing with the challenges of everyday life, as well as trauma, loss, grief, dying and even death issues. In these powerful books, Dr. Angela Brownemiller has done an amazing job of presenting her innovative insights, practices, and even survival awarenesses, as well as presenting sequential exercises that help readers feel more aware and alive. These exercises begin rather simply and then build to new and astounding realms of ourselves and our awareness. These exercises are designed to help us overcome our preconceived notions about who we are, what we can be, and where we can go.

These HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE books encourage us to dig deeply into ourselves and discover our real potential as we move through our own lives and their great challenges and adventures. As Dr. Brownemiller tells us, “SEE and fuel the LEAP in your awareness, in your consciousness, even in your energy structure, that you can make to survive any profound change, shift in reality, end of cycle, any transition, or what is a so-called death.” Dr. Brownemiller even defines this LEAP she is talking about, and teaches her clients and readers how to make this LEAP.

REVEALING THE OMEGA KEY (exciting new novel)

Another of Dr. Angela Brownemiller’s new books is a powerful page-turner epic saga novel, a spiritual and challenging love story full of survival and environmental issues as well time travel, titled: REVEALING THE OMEGA KEY: COSMIC LOVE STORY THROUGH ANCIENT END-TIME EARTH-CHANGE PROPHECY TO MODERN GLOBAL CONSPIRACY. This riveting story speaks for so many voices in time and across dimensions, calling us to hear their stories, their realities, their teachings, their discoveries, their sciences, their mythologies — their prophecies. Are we humans facing extinction, or are we learning vastly expansive ways to survive changes in our environment, our societies, our minds, our souls, our consciousnesses? This epic saga, this interdimensional love and conspiracy story, meets these questions head-on.


And then there are some of the other amazing books by Dr. Angela Brownemiller, these being the also riveting and intensely revealing nonfiction books, OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO, PART ONE and OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO, PART TWO.

We are already seeing the negative consequences of climate change all around us, with many parts of the world experiencing natural disasters reflecting how much we humans have harmed our planet and climate. In any event, we are lucky to be witnessing these tragedies at a somewhat early stage, although much sooner than anticipated, as there is still time to learn how to change our ways and our minds and souls, even to learn how to survive.

Climate change has provided world scientists and policymakers with the chance to save the Earth for future generations, or they will be left with nothing. Dr. Angela Brownemiller is one of the social-psychological experts that is raising awareness about the rising effects of climate change on people’s sense of safety and well-being. Her OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO books provide powerful insights, and mental, emotional, spiritual, even some quite metaphysical, coping concepts for dealing with climate and earth change concerns. These are Volumes 5 and 6 in Angela Brownemiller’s 20-book KEYS TO CONSCIOUSNESS AND SURVIVAL Series, which is already awakening the consciousness of countless persons around the world.

According to Dr. Angela Brownemiller, the message of her OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO books is, “This whole issue of Earth and climate change is far bigger than any one point of view or aspect of change. This major transition is happening on all levels of our existence. I am helping people work through their stress and confusion.” She further adds that, “Being aware, very aware, is very important. This is not about being paranoid or fearful, this is just staying alert to all that is taking place and finding new levels of our awareness and survival abilities both here and beyond.”


As seen on Oprah, Talk of the Nation, US News And World Report, Family Circle Magazine, and in hundreds of print and electronic media around the world, Angela Brownemiller is the author of over seventy books and is well-known in the psychological, social, spiritual, and metaphysical fields for her expertise in numerous areas. As is shared in detail on DrAngela.com, she earned two doctorates and two master’s degrees at UC Berkeley, and served as a National Institute Of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Fellow. And, she has worked with thousands of people from over twenty nations in therapeutic, counseling, educational, and research contexts. Reading the books by, and or working with, Dr. Angela Brownemiller can most certainly help you with your own daily life, as well as help all of us living on this planet in these intensely difficult yet profoundly inspiring times. As Dr. Brownemiller tells us, “Let’s join hands, hearts, and souls, and together survive both physically and also as consciousnesses and spirits both here and beyond.”

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