Douglas Vermeeren: The Actor, Director, Stuntman, & Producer That Does It All

Douglas Vermeeren is a Canadian actor, producer, stuntman, and serial entrepreneur who has spent his whole life captivated with the world of acting, film creation, and entertainment. Doug started acting when he was just seven years old and has loved it ever since. While still in elementary school he already made his television debut as an extra. Throughout high school Vermeeren would spend countless hours around movie and television sets ready to help in any way he was allowed. Eventually Doug started exploring the world of stunt work and taking on some small parts in film and TV projects. From there, he continued to hone his skills in all aspects of film, while also building a name for himself as a serial entrepreneur and wealth coach. Being versatile comes naturally to Vermeeren, who does stunts for himself and others, produces films himself, and directs too. Best known for his work in the personal development space, Douglas has created four documentaries and been featured in nearly 50 productions spanning across many genres.

Performing Multiple Jobs At A High Level

You would be hard pressed to find many things in the production of film creation that Vermeeren doesn’t at least have some experience doing. From acting, to stunts, to filmmaking, Doug has dedicated his life to understanding and experiencing all of the nuanced aspects that come together to create the films that we all know and love. The stunt work that Douglass has performed is particularly impressive due to the need to stay in top shape, as well as the fact that many other actors even at the highest levels don’t perform their own stunts. Not very many people can say they do stunts for themselves and other people. Talent like Vermeeren’s is rare – being able to play a convincing role, manage the business end of a film, do your own stunts, and control the creative direction of the film all take unique and hard to develop skill sets. The fact that Douglas has mastered so many aspects of the industry speaks to his love for the art of filmmaking.

The Future For Doug

2022 has been an extremely busy yet productive year for Doug. Operating at full capacity, Vermeeren has been working on multiple films as an actor and as a filmmaker. He plans on breathing some life into the film industry with projects that are unique and meaningful. One such film, set in 1912, is even using authentic camera equipment from the early 1900s to recreate a real vintage feel for the films. With past successes in so many different positions, Douglas had to determine what path he wanted to proceed down in his career. Acting and stunt work are the things he enjoys the most, so he has been going full throttle putting those skills to the test with his new projects. While many past acting roles Doug played have been action heroes in exciting films, he isn’t limiting himself to the same kinds of work and looks forward to showing off his range as an actor. Whether it’s in filmmaking or business, Vermeeren’s life mantra that persistence always pays off will continue to propel him forward into great things in the future.

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