Dog Training Authority Dylan Blau Continues to Push the Limits to Inspire Others to Reach Their Maximum Potential.

Becoming an effective professional dog trainer takes a lot of hard work and discipline. On top of  developing your skills training dogs, there is also a need to leverage social media, a task that well-known dog trainer Dylan Blau is quite good at. Known as one of the few dog training pioneers who penetrated social media and tested its limits, he is inspiring other dog trainers to think out of the box and become the best at showcasing their dog training business in order to help more dogs and make a bigger impact in an extremely divided industry.

Dylan is well-known for his hour-long Facebook live videos showing him doing full training lessons, raw and uncut. His boldness and transparency drew a lot of attention to the quality of work he does, especially where it involves untrainable and aggressive dogs. His Facebook live videos were eventually viewed as disruptions in the way things are done and now have become the standard for dog trainers today. Knowing the risks of backlash online, this did not deter Dylan from exploring new ways to maximize the use of social media; unafraid to submit to the delicate echo chamber rules that seem to exist today. Dylan has truly found his voice as a leader, educating his fellow dog trainers and dog owners all over the world.

“People don’t want to see perfect pictures and videos; they would rather see a genuine human being they can root for and watch the hero’s journey, improving the quality of the content along the way. Now more than ever, we need people to find their voice rather than to try to be like everyone else” he said.

In the course of his over a decade-long career in dog training, Dylan has managed to attract over 200 million views and more than half a million followers on social media. Dylan’s genuine satisfaction, however, comes from knowing he has helped thousands of dogs as well as inspiring dog trainers to be the best version of themselves.

“When you get a dog, it’s your responsibility to help them reach their maximum potential as well as to provide the best life possible. However, the truth is any dog can develop aggression or reactive behaviors, and it’s more common than you might think. Dog training has become a trendy industry to get into, yet becoming an expert dog trainer can take ten years or more, and some dog trainers would say it’s a lifetime journey of learning,” he added.

Not a lot of people risk being as outspoken as Dylan does online, as a result he has experienced his fair share of haters and cancel culture. Despite the challenges, Dylan remains positive that in a world of copy cat clout chasing culture it’s more important now more than ever to be original and believe in yourself. “It’s not okay to do the minimum amount required on social media to stay relevant and build your brand. What you need to ask yourself is, what is the maximum amount that I can do? Then ask yourself what your missed potential income every year for not doing more,” Dylan shared. “The truth is social media is evolving and growing so fast now that even influencers are struggling to stay relevant and trending. It takes a lot to go viral and build an audience or community online, and if you believe in your business, brand, product or service, you need to be doubling down on your social media,” he added.

Branded as one of the original dog training creators on social media, he single-handedly became one of the most influential, thought-provoking, and powerful voices of the current generation. Today, he continues to create content that inspires people to think for themselves and to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

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