DJ Asi Vidal Is Bringing Israeli Culture To The LA DJ Scene

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Los Angeles, the city of dreams and the entertainment capital of the world, has always been a magnet for aspiring artists and musicians seeking to make it big. In this crowded landscape, one DJ has managed to create a cultural phenomenon by focusing on the Jewish and Israeli communities. Asi Vidal, a talented DJ and music producer, has found tremendous success by marketing his brand to these vibrant communities in LA.

Asi Vidal’s story begins in his homeland of Israel, where his love for music blossomed. After completing his mandatory military service, Asi Vidal pursued his dream of becoming a full-time DJ and enrolled in the Hed Academy for Music in Tel Aviv. It was there that he honed his skills, delving into music theory, harmony, and the technical aspects of music production. Equipped with a solid foundation, Asi Vidal set his sights on a bigger stage and embarked on a journey to Los Angeles.

After trying his hand at various musical endeavors and collaborations in Los Angeles, Asi Vidal discovered the lucrative world of private events, particularly weddings. He realized that instead of struggling as a club DJ in a new country, he could provide his skills as a DJ for private events while earning a decent living.

In 2013, Asi Vidal launched his LA-based business, Angels Music DJs. It was a daunting task, considering the fierce competition and abundance of talented individuals in the city. However, Asi Vidal’s determination and passion for music propelled him forward, along with his goal of catering to the Jewish and Israeli communities.

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“I’ve met so many artists that came to LA to make it, but they weren’t prepared to do what it takes,”  Asi says. “It’s important to find the people that will be easier to connect with based on shared interests or something about you that they can relate to.”

Home to nearly 560,000 Jews, Asi Vidal recognized the significance of his Israeli roots and the thriving Jewish and Israeli communities in Los Angeles. He understood that connecting with his own people would provide him with a unique advantage in a city filled with diverse cultures. By focusing on this specific demographic, Asi Vidal was able to establish a strong connection with his audience and create events tailored to their tastes.

“People who speak my language will connect with me more easily,” he says. “It was easier for me to promote myself to this crowd, create events for them, and fill in their needs for Israeli style DJ.”

Asi Vidal’s events hold significant cultural importance for the Jewish and Israeli communities in Los Angeles. He brings a piece of their homeland to them, offering an experience reminiscent of the music and atmosphere they would find back in Israel. This connection allows community members to celebrate their heritage and experience a sense of belonging in a foreign land.

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In addition to his DJ career, Asi Vidal established the recording studio and music label Rhino Star Records in 2010. The idea was initially born out of his desire to release his own music, the record label quickly expanded to include other DJs and producers who shared Asi Vidal’s passion and musical style. Rhino Star Records became a platform for collaboration and support, with artists sharing knowledge and tools for music production and helping each other grow. Since Rhino Star was started, Asi Vidal has released tens of original singles and 3 albums of Electronic Dance Music; the fourth album set to be released this year, Many of the artists and producers he works with are from Los Angeles, but some are international.

“While I was releasing my own music, other DJs and producers contacted me as a record label to release their music,” he says. “I had this tool in my hand that could help other DJs like me, that have a similar style or share the same love for music.”

Through his music and events, Asi Vidal has not only found success but also bridged the gap between Israeli culture and the bustling LA music scene, His award-winning DJ services have created a sense of belonging and unity among people from all walks of life.

Angels Music has become one of the most popular DJ companies in LA. The company has won numerous awards, including the “Couples Choice Award” from The Knot and the “Best of Weddings” award from Wedding Wire.

He is a true ambassador for Israeli culture and a force for good in the LA music scene.

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