Influencer marketing is exponentially growing as one of the most sought-after marketing strategies by brands across the globe. But despite the number of influencers mushrooming from virtually any part of the world every day, many are still not compensated enough or provided with opportunities to help them grow. Influencer marketing is expected to grow to $13.8 billion by the end of 2021. Divij Vaswani, founder and CEO of Division Media, is at the forefront, riding one of the biggest waves in marketing history.

Divij Vaswani is a rising powerhouse who has created a platform that bridges brands to influencers, allowing both parties to reach their goals. He is the man behind some of the most significant influencer and brand partnerships ever made in the world. As one of the pioneers in the industry, Divij saw how influencer marketing affected the global economy and influenced markets. Influencers have become brands’ top-of-mind choice to connect with their customers, giving their companies a more humane and relatable face. As the industry continued to grow, Divij wanted to be the pathway between influencers and brands.

Over the years, Divij Vaswani has closed partnerships for many prominent influencers, including Jake and Logan Paul, Mike Maijlak, and Adin Ross. With his expertise, Divij was able to help his influencers create content and work with brands like Gymshark, Dollar Shave Club, MyBookie, Manscaped, Daniel Wellington, Hybe, and Bluechew. He only works with influencers who can engage audiences from all walks of life and create entertaining content, raising brand awareness to where it truly matters.

Taking his career one step further, Divij Vaswani built his company, Division Media, after graduating from the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business. Two years into the industry, Division Media has significantly grown. The company now employs over fifteen professionals based in their Los Angeles headquarters. Asked what his company’s secret is for staying on top of their game, the CEO explained that it is their dedication to ensure that brands see a strong performance. The company also ensures that influencers are well compensated for their content and hard work.

Furthermore, Divij Vaswani has built strong relationships with some of the biggest platforms in the world, such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram. Brands are also keen on working with Division Media because of its dedication to diversity and inclusion, keeping such factors as top priorities when finding the right content creator for their clients. 

Division Media has continually proved the value influencer marketing can add to one’s brand as it connects customers closer through performance-driven strategies. Divij Vaswani emphasized that with the impact of the digital space on humanity, there’s no other way for influencer marketing to go but up. He is proud that his team is taking the lead in the industry and aims to help more brands scale their influence.

In five years, Divij Vaswani seeks to reach great heights. One of his ultimate goals is to facilitate global influencer events, with the idea of an Influencer Ping Pong Tournament at the Staples Center at the top of his mind. 

To learn more about Divij Vaswani and Division Media, visit their website.

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