Viva Las Vegas?

Henry Rollins' column once again filled our mailbag this week — with his suggestion that Las Vegas is out of ideas ruffling some readers' feathers (“Las Vegas Is Out of Ideas,” Aug. 8, 2014).

Stephanie Forte writes, “If you were to visit my home in Las Vegas and peek inside my garage, you'd quickly learn that I rock climb, snowboard and trail run. If you opened my refrigerator, sifted through the stacks of magazines in my living room and relaxed on my patio, you'd conclude that this is someone who eats organic, knows a good beer, has acquired her fair share of passport stamps, is fascinated by the entrepreneurial process, loves art and appreciates the brilliant colors of the desert. …

“But if you looked only at my guest room, you would think I'm a bit bland. The colors, art and piles of books in my master bedroom tell a story. They are pieces of me, but my guest room is just a place for you to rest [during] your trip.

On his next adventure to Las Vegas, Henry Rollins should consider venturing outside of our guest room so that he can discover the heart and soul of our city.

SchmaltzFries is angrier. “Dear Mr. Garfield, We, as Las Vegans, could give two shits about your opinion of Las Vegas. Judging the city by going to the Strip alone is like judging California by Disneyland. Yes, we have tourists. Yes, we have Britney Spears and Donny and Marie. And unfortunately, Guy Fieri (keep in mind that Times Square in Manhattan was the first place to succumb to that culinary charlatan). We also have a thriving arts scene and some of the greatest natural beauty in the country. Your article was a contrived piece of rehashed dreck and I, for one, hope you never come back to Vegas, because you just don't get it, and you're so full of yourself, you probably never will.” One question: Who's Mr. Garfield?

Checkofoto writes, “Many of us were born here in Las Vegas. We didn't have a choice. Not all of us work in casinos. Many of us avoid the places you came and checked out. We think some of the places suck as well. But where else can you be a busboy and support a family, buy a house, pay for your kids' school? Not a dream job, but it pays the bills. Come back sometime, brother, and meet the real people. It's not perfect in Las Vegas, but we work hard to make it a better place because it's our home.

Tom Mortimer writes. “I very much agree with Henry Rollins' sentiments on Las Vegas, but my family, and particularly our 8-year-old son, actually enjoyed the David Copperfield show. It reminded me of old Vegas, when I went with my parents to see Elvis, Ike and Tina Turner, Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick and Steve Martin. Did I mention I also am an unreformed punk rocker and surfer? Thank you for your continued column and thoughts, Henry.”

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