I live in California, where the business of cannabis is booming in a dispensary near me. Every day new products are popping up. There are dozens of brands with hundreds of product lines. 

Whenever I go to the dispensary near me, there’s always something new I’m curious to try. Even if you’re in a state where recreational marijuana isn’t legal, I’m sure that just like myself and a dispensary near me, you’re experiencing a wave of new CBD and THC products in weed stores.

Weed isn’t legalized across the USA, there’s only a handful of states that have legalized marijuana. We’ll talk more about these legal states later on, and we’ll talk about places you can buy weed online, have weed delivered to your door and where you can buy weed in dispensaries.

On the other hand CBD products derived from American grown hemp are legal in all 50 states regardless if recreational marijuana is legal or not. Whether you’re looking for THC or CBD products, be wary of unscrupulous brands that are just out to make a quick buck. Do your due diligence and ask nearby weed dispensaries many questions. To help you on your journey, here’s a list of the best CBD oils, best CBD gummies & best CBD creams.

I prefer making my final purchase online – there’s lots of platforms that let me do this. Simply hit the dispensary near me button and place an order, some platforms even do home delivery. 

I understand that many people prefer shopping at brick and mortar stores, they enjoy interacting with budtenders and shoppers at the marijuana dispensaries near me to learn what products are popular and why. So, to help people looking for a dispensary in California, I’ve put together a snapshot of my favorite products and brands. 

Marijuana Edibles

Every cannabis dispensary near me stocks several different weed edibles. There are lozenges, capsules, candies, chocolates, and drinks. So many weed edibles that it can actually get confusing. The person at the marijuana dispensary near me said that the people who prefer cannabis edibles like them because they last longer than other forms of THC. There are both THC and CBD edibles, and both can be very potent.

After speaking to the dispensary near me and reading articles online, it’s clear that THC edibles are one of the most popular cannabis products available, specifically THC gummies. Sifting through all the different gummies was fun. The dispensary near me had a great range of weed edibles, but one cannabis brand stuck out in particular – they are called Budderweeds. 

Before you take a dive into gummies, there are several things you should consider when taking edibles, and you can figure this out with our edibles dosage chart. 

How to dose marijuana edibles

2.5mg THC Mild relief of pain, stress anxiety and other symptoms. 

Improved focus and creativity.

First-time consumers


2.5mg – 15mg THC Stronger symptom relief.


May impair coordination and alter perception

Patients with persistent problems 

Restless sleepers 

Social butterflies

15mg – 30mg THC Strong euphoria or unwanted effects in unaccustomed consumers. 

May impair coordination and alter perception

Well-seasoned consumers 

Medical patients with developed tolerances

Experienced consumers seeking to sustain sleep

30mg – 50mg THC Very strong euphoria in unaccustomed consumers. 

Likely to impair coordination and alter perception. 

Consumers who have poor GI absorption of cannabinoids

People with significant tolerance to THC

50mg – 100mg THC Can cause extreme effects. 

Highly likely to impair coordination and alter perception. 

For experienced THC individuals only

Patients with cancer, inflammatory disorders, or conditions that necessitate high doses. 

Everyone has a different tolerance and requires a different dose. If you don’t know your tolerance, start with something low, like 2.5 mg. A “standard dose” is considered to be 10 mg but err on the side of caution. Ask pot shops near me, and they’ll tell you that this is all about trial and error.

How long do weed edibles take to kick in?

I’ve asked recreational dispensaries near me about this method and learned that your metabolism plays a significant role in how fast you feel the effects of an edible. A fast metabolism feels the effects sooner. It takes 1-3 hours to feel the effects of an edible. It also matters if you consume an edible on an empty stomach because you will feel the effects quicker if you don’t eat anything. Individual biology and factors like age and weight also play a role in how long you will feel the effects of cannabis. 

The dispensary near me warns that if you don’t feel anything within an hour, don’t take more. You may want to activate your digestive system by eating a snack like an apple. It’s okay if you don’t feel anything for the first time. People new to edibles may need to try the same dose several times before feeling the need to eat something stronger.

How do I take weed edibles?

The dispensary near me actually had a great range of weed edibles and cannabis brands, but one stood out in particular. 

  1. Start with a small dose like 2.5 mg of THC or CBD.
  2. Wait. Don’t increase the dosage. It may take 2-4 hours to feel the full effects of the edible. 
  3. Plan accordingly. You may feel the effects for 4-24 hours.
  4. Label and store edibles safely. If you check any recreational dispensary, edibles can look and taste like regular food and drinks. It’s important to keep edibles away from kids and people who do not want to experience the effects of cannabis. 


My favorite brand of edibles is Budderweeds. They offer the best quality and make delicious gummies. They make several flavors with THC and are the best gummies because they are vegan, organic, and don’t contain additives or unhealthy ingredients. Budderweeds can only be found online in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

Cannabis Suppositories

From edibles to suppositories, from a head high to a body high. As more cannabis products hit the shelves, there’s only one that makes people edgy — suppositories. While suppositories have been around for a while, they aren’t prevalent. Only a few marijuana dispensaries near me carry them, so I had to do most of my research online. 

There are a few things you should know about suppositories. First, there are not many brands that carry them, but the one that stands out over the rest is Dani Pepper. Unfortunately, you can’t find Dani Pepper at a dispensary near me, but you can find it online. This brand has both vaginal and anal suppositories. There are several reasons why you should use a cannabis suppository instead of a more traditional method of consumption. Let’s go through the basics. 

What are cannabis suppositories? 

These bullet-shaped medications are used rectally or vaginally. THC and CBD suppositories give you all the benefits of cannabis but without the intoxicating effects. After asking the dispensary near me, I found out that this method is preferred over smoking or edibles because it is easy on sensitive stomachs and absorbs quickly.

Suppositories are twice as bioavailable as inhalation and three times as bioavailable as edibles. This relatively high bioavailability means that you can absorb 50-70% of the cannabis in a suppository.

According to the budtender at the dispensary near me, it only takes 10-15 minutes to feel the effects of a suppository. In contrast, it takes 30-90 minutes to feel the effects of an edible. Additionally, the effects of a suppository last 4-10 hours depending on the individual’s biology and the suppository’s potency.    

The fact that a suppository doesn’t go through the digestive tract allows it to be absorbed quicker and provide more relief. In contrast, edibles get metabolized and not only lose their potency, but it also takes longer to feel their effects. Because of this, the dispensary near me recommends trying suppositories.   

While suppositories seem only to work locally and not affect the entire system, they are an excellent option for people who can’t take their medications orally. The dispensary near me recommends them for people who have issues swallowing, issues with their throat, or problems with their gastrointestinal tract. These people may find suppositories to be the best way to take medications.

What are Cannabis Suppositories used for? 

Pain relief and pleasure. According to some users I spoke to at the dispensary near me, THC suppositories can enhance sensitivity, ease discomfort, reduce pain, lower inhibitions, and get you out of your head if you have performance anxiety or are generally stressed. Both rectal and vaginal suppositories minimize pain associated with vaginal or anal intercourse. 

One of the marijuana dispensaries near me told me that people use to turn to dangerous drugs called ‘poppers’ to relax their sphincter muscles before anal sex. Now, they can turn to natural anal suppositories like Dani Pepper Back Door Suppositories. These anal suppositories reduce local pain and inflammation and relax the muscles of the anus to reduce the discomfort of anal sex. Dani Pepper also makes a vaginal suppository for cramping, inflammation, and pain associated with intercourse.

What can Cannabis Suppositories do?

There are many people online and whom I have spoken to at weed dispensaries near me who have reported localized relief from anal and vaginal suppositories without getting high. Anal suppositories purportedly help with post-operative pain, anal fissures, prostate issues, hemorrhoid inflammation, lower back pain, digestive issues, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, and pain associated with anal intercourse. 

Speaking to women at dispensaries near me, vaginal suppositories purportedly help with painful intercourse, sexual enhancement, menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, abdominal pain, inflammation, endometriosis, and pelvic discomfort. 

Dani Pepper: Suppositories

My favorite brand of suppository is Dani Pepper. This brand has beautiful packaging and offers a vaginal suppository called Front Door Relief and an anal suppository called Back Door Fun. They do not contain any toxins or harmful additives and can provide third-party test results to confirm the quality and potency of their products. Luckily, Dani Pepper can be found at certain dispensaries near me and online in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

Weed Lube

In my opinion, the most fun cannabis product is weed lube. These products are made specifically with sexual enjoyment in mind. What’s great is that there are secondary benefits as well. Like cannabis suppositories, there are limited brands that make cannabis lubes. It was challenging to find these products in the marijuana dispensaries near me, so the brunt of my research was done online. 

If you haven’t tried lube before, there are a few basics you should know. The first being, weed lube is more than a regular lube, but it’s difficult to understand how different without trying it. I spoke to a lot of women at the dispensaries near me and got a lot of fun feedback. Again, like suppositories, we recommend Dani Pepper as our favorite weed lube brand. If you want to try weed lube, ask yourself the following questions. 

What is Weed Lube?

Whenever I go into a dispensary near me, people use the names cannabis lube, weed lube, and marijuana lube interchangeably. According to the weed dispensary near me, what they’re usually referring to is any lube with THC in it. While THC is often associated with getting people high, it does not possess the same psychoactive properties as other methods of consumption when it is a lube. 

Cannabis lube can either contain THC or CBD or both. Weed lube with any active cannabis compound makes it more than a traditional lube. According to weed dispensaries near me, none of the people who have tried it have experienced a head high except for the people who have swallowed it. Marijuana lube is meant to enhance your orgasm. You have to wait 15-45 minutes before the effects begin to kick in. 

How do I use Weed Lube?

Using marijuana lube is exactly like using regular lube. According to the marijuana dispensary near me, all you have to do is apply it to your inner and outer labia, clitoris, and inside your vagina. The only difference is that you have to wait to feel the effects. Regular lube is just meant to lubricate, whereas cannabis lube’s active ingredients are meant to enhance the sexual experience. Waiting may seem counterproductive, but patience can be fun. The dispensary near me had a simple suggestion: enjoy getting in the mood with foreplay. 

The amount of time it takes to feel the effects of weed lube will be different with each person. Factors like age, weight, body chemistry, and potency of the lube all play into how you feel the effects. The budtender at the dispensary near me said to keep in mind that these are localized effects, which means that you won’t feel the typical weed high. Smoking, vaping, or taking an edible won’t give you the same results; however, the right strain may complement the effects of a weed lube.

Will I get high?

This is probably the most common question the dispensary near me gets. Lube containing only CBD will not get you high, whereas lube only containing THC may get you high if swallowed. Some people report to the dispensary near me that they have felt high without swallowing the lube, which could be due to the potency of the THC, their weight, and their body chemistry, or it could be a placebo effect. 

So, should I buy a weed lube or a CBD lube?

The dispensary near me confirmed that lube containing only hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. We have a list of the best CBD lubes here

On the contrary, lube containing only THC is permissible in the few states that have legalized recreational cannabis. The most significant difference is that CBD lube won’t get you high even if ingested. The cannabis plant produces both THC and CBD, but both provide very different experiences. THC makes you feel high while CBD does not. 

What the dispensary near me told me was THC has more of a pronounced sexual effect, whereas CBD lube relaxes both your body and mind. THC intensifies orgasms while CBD alleviates the pain associated with sex. 

Weed lube is a matter of personal preference. You may choose CBD lube to help with your sexual anxiety or physical pain or you might want a THC lube to intensify sensation. It’s great that I can purchase find the CBD lube at a CBD shop or dispensary open near me.

Dani Pepper: Lube

My favorite brand of lube is Dani Pepper. Choose from their orgasm enhancer THC lube and “O” Orgasm Enhancer CBD Lube. Like their suppositories, their lubes have beautiful packaging and are premium quality. These lubes are the epitome of weed lubes. They provide a sexual experience like you’ve never had before. Luckily, Dani Pepper can be purchased at certain dispensaries near me, their THC products can only be found online in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

Luxury Weed

You’re thinking, what is luxury weed? Slowly but surely we’re seeing the legalization of cannabis across America with 11 states allowing recreational use and 22 others permitting medical use. 

The cannabis industry continues to build momentum and evolves as stigmas, and legislation change, and new people are introduced. If I took a quick snapshot of the type of people that went into the dispensary near me, they’d be quite diverse. A recent poll found that weed consumption would increase the most amongst women. Well, it’s no surprise that high-end cannabis is becoming a thing and more and more weed products are appearing at every marijuana dispensary near me. 

I’m not going to delve too much into luxury cannabis products but you can buy everything from the finest flowers, to chocolates, to edibles and vapes. 

Discreetly Baked: Luxury Products

Brands are positioning themselves using premium ingredients and beautiful packaging and designs. Discreetly Baked is my favorite because it is a premium brand but without the premium price tag. They have a variety of products that cater to a discerning audience and are only found online in states where recreational marijuana is legal and not in dispensaries near me.

A List of the best dispensaries near me

We’ve talked about some great products, but now here is a list of the best dispensaries near me – and because you might be reading this outside of the LA area, we’ve included dispensaries You can buy everything from weed, to edibles, to weed lube and suppositories from these dispensaries. 

  1. MedMen: Address: 8208 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046, United States
  2. The Apothecarium: 2029 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States
  3. Bud and Bloom: 1327 E St Gertrude Pl, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States
  4. Grass Roots Dispensary: 1077 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States
  5. Urbn Leaf: 1028 Buenos Ave, San Diego, CA 92110, United States

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